We have been blessed with two special daughters and two sons from Eastern Europe. We welcome you to follow our journey as a family of five, waiting to travel and pick up #6, with the ins and outs of family, education, farm life, and love!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's all packed...

Everything is packed except for those last minute things needed everyday, and those will be packed in the morning. I tried to make it all fit into 2 suitcases, but it was just easier to take the third. Once we give many of the gifts to the people who have helped us through this journey and love little Mila (pronounced Mee-la), we can easily come home with 2 suitcases! The cats have been dropped off at their new vacation home (thanks Karen & Gregg), the horses are well cared for (thanks Mike & Dad), and we have medical POA for Hannah while we are away (thanks Kathy!). A big thaks to Jody--she has been answering my daily questions about Serbia's travel lingo for the last two weeks! She has been such a blessing to me!

As I think about our apartment in Belgrade, I'm getting excited! It looks so nice! Here is a link to where we will be staying: http://www.belgrade-apartment-rentals.com/Slavija-apartment.html. when we traveled to Ukraine, our apartment in Kiev (the capital city) was very nice. When we traveled to Odessa, we stayed in an apartment someone typically lives in, so there was lots of "stuff" int he apartment. It will be nice to say in an un-cluttered apartment and know that where you put your bags down is where you will be for your stay.

Doug, Hannah and I spent the day together. This evening we had ice cream with Jen, Billy, and the boys. I can't wait to be home and the Dennis clan will official be a family of 4! We love ya! When we got home, Hannah and I sat down in front of the tv. She came up to me and asked "Mom, I cuddle 'wish' you?" I love that request! Tonight it actually brought tears to my eyes--because tomorrow night someone else will be cuddling with Hannah, and to think of how far she has come in 18 months. When we brought her home, I wanted to sit and rock with her before putting her in her bed, but she didn't want cuddled....and now she seeks it!

As we said prayers, I started to cry (again!) thinking about how much I am going to miss her and how all our lives, especially Hannah's, are going to change. We will have twice the giggles, twice the whining (yipee!) and twice the mounts of hugs and kisses everyday! Papa lead prayers tonight. As he prayed, Hannah kept saying "Ot's okay Mama, don't cry" and then she insisted that Papa pray for Mama to stop crying. The tears came to a halt after prayers because she said "Mama if you cry in my bed, you'll toot and stink up my bed. I don't want a stinky bed!" :) Such a silly girl!

Well, tomorrow we head out for great adventure #2! Hopefully I will post on Thursday from our apartment in Belgrade, and Friday evening with pictures and video of our little lady!

Thanks for all your prayers and encouragement!


And patiently waiting... said...

I am so excited for you!! You have been on my mind all day! You will enjoy Belgrade! And you are not to far from your little girl if you walk. Actually a very good location!
God will be with you and many prayers will be around you on your journey!

Zactly said...

Enjoy your journey Cara! You all are in our prayers. I agree with Tammy. You will love J., J., and Belgrade.

Anonymous said...

you are in our thoughts and prayers have a SAFE trip. I'll keep the girls (aka West, and A, and Mayo )informed. Can't wait to meet Miss Mila. luv Patty

Christine said...

Cara, safe travels! What an exciting time this is!

Molly C said...

Praying for you!!!!! Go get that sweet Mila

Mommy and Peepers said...

Thats a great apartment, good locations for food and groceries. We stayed there 2 weeks. I'm glad u went with Vlado and Svetlana, you'll have fun with them. Keeping you in our prayers and try to stay safe on the 'elevator of death", that is what we called it, ;). hugs carolee.

DoveFamily said...

Praying for you guys!!