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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Travel jitters

Yep, that's why it is close to 12:30am and I am still awake. I have done fine all day, keeping busy and having a list of "to-dos" to complete before leaving. And yet tonight, as darkness and quiet envelopes our house, I start to get the jitters. I think about leaving, and I get a gut wrenching feeling like I could be sick. I put my head on my pillow in bed to try and sleep and I started to cry. (First time today, thank you!)

We chose the clothes we wanted to wear and started to put them into the suitcases. It amazes me how much "stuff" it takes to make this trip. All the gifts and comfort items from home take up a lot of room!! Thankfully it is summer and our clothes are less bulky than when we traveled in November, so I am determined to make it in two suitcases and our "all American" backpacks. (Backpacks typically signify in another country you are from the USA!)

Hannah's stuff is all packed and sorted into two laundry baskets--one for my parents and one for Doug's. As a special treat, we have been collecting items from the dollar bins, and wrapped up multiple treasures so that Grandma/pa can give her a gift each day.... "look what Mama and Papa left for you today!" kinda thing. I want her to know in a tangible way that there won't be a day that we are gone that we aren't thinking and missing her SOOOO much!

Tomorrow's agenda is full. Doug is taking out two cats to his Mom's for a visit while we are gone. We are to meet a friend (thanks Kathy!) in the afternoon to pick up and sign medical POA for Hannah while we are gone. I need to get everything into a suticase and we want to spend every minute with Hannah. If tonight is any indicator, looks like tomorrow might be another sleepless night. At least Doug is getting some rest.

In a way I am so ready to go, and then make that 180 turn, and I sooo want to stay home. Anyone have the time traveler button and fast forward me to the blog entry that is titled "Heading Home!"??




I sure wish i had that travel button also... I sure would use it for all of us ...Take a deep breath and maybe a sleep aide to help you sleep.. Have lots of fun on your trip to your daughter..


Jen and Billy said...

We will be thinking about you every day! Mila is a lucky lucky girl and well worth the days away from Hannah. She will be in great hands! Know that we love you guys so much and can't wait to meet Mila. Not to mention have my bestest friend home again!!!

Mike & Kim said...

Sleep tight tonight, oh sister of mine with a heart of gold...hold on tight to that wonderful husband of yours and enjoy every moment of your journey. We will ALL watch over Hannah while you are away. We can't wait for all of you to be home and add Mila to the mix of craziness that we call our family...