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Monday, June 29, 2009

Last details done (day 19)

This morning we went for Mila's medical. In every situation we seem to be comparing it to Hannah's adoption. I know, different country, different system, but still an adoption. Today we went to an official immigration doctor (which is similar to Ukraine). Today we were surrounded by adults, where in Ukraine it was all children with families. Mila sat quietly and just looked at all the "giants" in the waiting room. We were called into an exam room by a man, and he asked us for Mila's passport and picture, then were told to go back to the waiting room. Then we were called back to the same exam room where J and a doctor were. Upon entry, they decided they had paperwork to discuss, so we were back to the waiting room. About 30 minutes later, we went back to the exam room where the doctor asked me to sit on the table with Mila and she listened to her heart, checked her reflexes, and felt her belly. And then again, we went back tot he waiting room. The last time we were called, it was to pay the fee and receive paperwork. We spent a good bit of time walking back and forth, but in the end, we left with a medical report to hand in with our other embassy paperwork.
At 2:00pm we had an appointment at the Embassy. We had hoped so see the same man as we had talked to (and had been so helpful) last week. Instead we got another gentleman who I quickly termed "Oscar" (the grouch). He told us one of our papers was filled out incorrectly, never cracked a smile, and told us it would take AT LEAST two hours to do all the paperwork. He took our papers and told us to wait in the waiting room. About an hour later, we got called to a window, where a kind lady told us "I need to charge you $400 dollars for the visa." (Her English cracked me up.... I thought, so if someone else comes to the window, will he charge me less or more??)Then we were told it would be a little while, so we went to sit back in the waiting area. About 15 minutes later we were called to a window again, where we saw another gentleman who did our interview with us, then told us it would be a little while, they were going to try to get the Visa printed before the close of the day. Finally, at 5:15pm, we left the embassy with Visa and paperwork in hand. The embassy was not overly busy today, and we closed the place down!!!
As we walked out of the embassy, I thought I recognized someone....it was Devin! He was walking out of work, so Devin is officially the first American to meet our daughter Mila in person!!

When we got home, Papa sat down to eat a cream puff pastry and Mila helped Papa. She would have devoured the entire thing if Doug would have let her! (They are 1/2 the size of a Schmidt's cream puff!) When it was all gone, she started to cry. I really thought Doug was going to head down the street to get another for her! She ate the entire jar of baby food tonight for dinner and drank her juice. Her belly should be nice and full now!
So for the rest of the night we are just hanging out and enjoying Mila. Tomorrow has been dedicated as laundry day (because it takes a day to dry) and Wednesday we will plan to pack. We'll try to take some walks in the next two days to see some more sights (and pass the time). We have to be up and ready to leave the apartment at 4:20am Belgrade time (10:20pm Wed. Ohio time) and arrive home at 6:29pm Ohio time (12:30am Friday Belgrade time). Ready to come home, not looking forward to the process of coming home. It will be daylight all the way home....ugh!

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And patiently waiting... said...

Yippee!! You musy have the same guy we did! The grouch one that is! Kristina's visa got denied THREE times..UGH!! He was awful!
So, now you are all set to come to America! Praise God!