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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Package Delivered (day 18)

It is hard to know what time it is in Belgrade since the sun rises so early here. I awoke a couple of times, but assumed it was still in the wee hours of the morning. When I rolled over and pushed a button on my i-pod, it said 3:30 (Ohio time), which meant it was 9:30am. What? 9:30 and Mila is still sleeping? I told Doug and we got out of bed. When we began to make some noise getting out of bed, someone rolled over and gave us our good morning smile!

After giving Mila breakfast, we set out to look for medicine for Miss Mila. She still hadn't had a BM, so medicine was our last resort. We tried one pharmacy and it was closed, so we went a little further up the street and found another. J had told me what medicine to look for (they use it at Mila's first home, so we knew it was safe), and if all else failed, I had written down the word in Serbian for constipated! We walked into the pharmacy and I saw the medicine, showed the lady my written word for constipated, and we were handed the syrup!
taking that yummy medicine...
We gave her the dose that J had said. The stuff was a dark green color and smelled like black lickerish (YUCK), but Mila took it like a pro. When we were trying to decipher through the Serbian directions, I thought we had given her over the recommended dose. J knows her stuff though, so we were confident we had done just fine. Doug was ready and waiting 30 minutes after, and kept asking Mila about it. Then he started to worry, so we used the translator online to try to figure out how long until the deposit should appear. Six to twelve hours...... oh gracious!
the medicine that makes things move....
In the meantime we had lunch (yummy, Papa fixed beef and onions again!), had a nap, had dinner, and walked to the 24 hour market for extra diapers....just in case!
Post nap picture. Look at the hair! OY!
Around 8:00pm, the deposit arrived. And then shortly after another deposit arrived. I'm glad it's through because now both Mila and Doug feel so much better!
Hanging out and waiting for a deposit!
We had the chance to talk to many family and friends today. Skype is a wonderful thing! Because of all the chatter, Mila got to bed late. When Grandpa Layne called this morning, Hannah was too busy playing to talk. Later in the afternoon she was ready to talk. as I was talking to her, she was telling me all about what she had done today and what she ate for lunch (with prompting from Grandpa). At one point she told me she and Grandpa made cookies. I told her not to let Grandpa eat too many cookies because it was bad for his diabetes. OY! She announced, Grandpa has diarrhea! UGH! Wouldn't you know that word (diarrhea comes out perfectly!!) I was laughing so hard tears were rolling out of my eyes, and Hannah kept telling me that diarrhea was not funny! Gotta love conversations with a 4 year old!

So the diapers (a.k.a Stink bombs) are on the balcony until morning. They were so toxic that they were stinking up this little apartment! Medical appointment in the morning and visa appointment in the afternoon tomorrow!

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And patiently waiting... said...

I am so glad things are going so well for you! Especially after the deposit! :) Are you planning on going anywhere else with Mila besides the zoo? Enjoy your day.