We have been blessed with two special daughters and two sons from Eastern Europe. We welcome you to follow our journey as a family of five, waiting to travel and pick up #6, with the ins and outs of family, education, farm life, and love!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Scattered Rambling (day 18)

Things we miss/ ready to be home for:
- Not so early sunrise (Serbian sunrise @4:50am)
- Hannah hugs and kisses
- Our own bed (this one is better than Ukraine, but...)
- Family (I'm sure they are ready for us to be home to relinquish their duties they are covering for us!)
- Church
- Doctor evaluations for Mila in the states & get her started with therapies
- Hannah bathroom commentary (anyone who is around her, knows what I mean!)
- A good stroller, a bumbo seat, and sensory/motor opportunities for Mila
- Hannah's helping hands (she is sure she is going to hold & feed Mila--boy does she have a surprise coming)
- Cooking supplies (dishes, ingredients, a stocked fridge/freezer)
- a bathtub (bathing Mila in the corner square shower is a tad challenging)
- a good strum on the ole' guitar
- Watching Hannah drive her "truck car" fast around the yard

The city of Belgrade has treated us well and I really have nothing to complain about. I think now that we are in the homestretch and really have no real agenda (like going to the orphanage twice a day) the days are seeming longer and we are looking forward to Thursday more every day!
I would definitely suggest to anyone coming behind us to ask Vlado about this apartment. The location is great. Vlado is great to answer any questions you may have as well as showing you the town if you like. We are leaving the cell phone we purchased with him for future users, so all you'll have to do is purchase minutes.

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