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Monday, July 13, 2009

"Monday, monday...

...la la, la la la"

What a day! We started our day at Children's hospital for the second half of our International Adoption Clinic appointment. When we brought Hannah home, many people had told us about the adoption clinic at Cincinnati Children's, so we made the trek south. The only downfall to the 2 hour trip is that Cincinnati people are affiliated with other Cincy people, so all the doctors we were set up with were in Cincinnati. We have slowly moved all of Hannah's specialists from Cincy to Columbus. This time around we knew of the Adoption Clinic at Columbus Children's Hospital. Much of the appointment is to look over your newly adopted child, give you suggestions and help in any way as well as testing for parasites, infectious diseases, and TB. The thing I like most about the Adoption Clinic is that they set you up with all the right people, specialists and clinics your child might need to see. So today, we left with a list of future appointments for months to come. We will be doing a voiding systogram (both my girls had to have one b/c of past UTI), we'll see an orthopedic person, physical medicine, nephrology, the CP clinic, and Speech, OT, and PT!
During our appointment on Friday we saw a PT who worked with Mila and evaluated her needs. While she had Mila on her back on the floor she put her knees up (with feet flat on the floor) and noticed one knee was higher than the other. She then felt around at Mila's hip and thought maybe she had subluxation of her left hip. (An x-ray confirmed it, hence the need for an ortho person.) When I asked her what the dislocated hip might mean, she said it really might depend on what we think Mila could do. If we thought she would be a power wheelchair kiddo and never walk, the ortho might not suggest fixing it. If we thought she might crawl/walk, the hip might require surgery. WOW! Home a week, and already someone is talking about my kiddo being non-mobile. Yes, I realize that Mila is 3 and isn't currently mobile, but in her past world, being non-mobile was normal. She was in a small room with 4 other children that were younger than her, all non-mobile. She didn't see other kiddos up and moving. I would at least like to give her the opportunity to be mobile before I make the decision to resort to wheels. If she tries being mobile, and isn't successful, I have no problem with a wheelchair, I just want Mila to be given the tools and the opportunity to be mobile!
After nap time today, Nathan came over to play. The 3 had a great time playing on the swing set together, playing together, and meeting Daisy.

I love my girls! There is something to be said for kiddos who come from an orphanage....they will eat a vast variety of food. My girls are good eaters! Tonight we had pasta and creamed spinach. (I put so much "stuff" in the spinach, you can hardly taste the spinach). The girls were so proud of themselves for being in the clean plater club!

And we have another 'orphan' we have taken into our home. Last night while Mila and I were out sitting in the swing, we heard a little kitty. (Side note-I am a SUCKER for cats. My Dad called me 'Cat Lady' growing up). We knew that one of the barn cats had bit the dust, but my hope was the kitten belonged one of the other cats. Well, no one seems to claim it....SO, what is one more right??? My hope is to give it some good energy, love it, and make it a good mouser for outdoors. We'll fix her so we don't continue the population problem! Hannah loves the kitty! The kitten is at the stage she follows everything, so Hannah thinks it is super cool that kitty will follow her anywhere!


Molly C said...

she looks so HAPPY! that is the best.I am so glad she's finally home with you!

Rich, Andrea, Reece & Owen said...

Cara, she looks fabulous! COngrats on being so proactive with the adoption clinic, keep us posted, and please join the After The Rainbow group to share with our other families!

Anonymous said...

Yucky spinach, its amazing what kids will eat. Mason loves M&Ms those are healthy for ya right? The girls are too cute. Glad they are doing well. We'll have to get together for lunch sometime. No Spinach please. Luv Patty