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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Love my Sister

I hear this at least 5-10 times a day from Hannah. She typically says it as a way to kiss all over Mila. Hannah has grown to be a very affectionate little lady, loving to kiss and hug, and say I love you!

Today Hannah had therapy. We have been emphasizing correct behavior, but when you are 4, it is hard to understand why you have to do something you don't really care for...like working at therapy! So as an encouragement to follow directions and do what is asked of you, we picked a toy to work for. This Barbie camera has been hanging on our refrigerator since Saturday and every time she asked to play with it, we would remind her that when she did good work at therapy and did what Lindsey asked of her, she could earn the camera for good work. So today, we took the camera in her book bag and what a great motivator! She did wonderful at therapy! YEA!! Much better result than last week!

Hannah is also a great helper. Tonight while Doug was outside feeding the horses, I was getting the girls ready for bed. I took them into the bathroom to help them brush their teeth. Before I could wonder where the Bumbo chair was, Hannah was pulling the Bumbo chair out of the tub and handing it to me saying "Here Mama, Mila needs this to brush her teeth!"

The girls love taking baths together! They are too funny the way they splash around and talk to one another! They love the Crayola color tablets inthe water. Hannah's favorite is yellow...hence the funny colored water in the video! I think the (lack of) size difference between the two of them is too funny. See what I mean? Hannah is 4y9mon, Mila is 3y3mon. Mila has 2 pounds on Hannah! They eat well, Hannah just runs off as much as she eats!

Doug is back to work tomorrow, so it will be my first full day with the two girls and I at home. I think I'm ready for the challenge. Just in case it seems too easy, I'll add in an extra dose of craziness in the form of an 17 month-old nephew (Calvin) for a couple hours tomorrow afternoon! :)

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