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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

School days

I start back to school tomorrow. The kids start on Monday. We have had an extra long summer due to construction in our district. It's not that I am dreading school, but to tell the truth I have been quite content being a full time Mom this summer.

The first couple of weeks of school are an adjustment period for everyone. This fall will be no exception. The kids will have to adjust to being back in school after a long break as well as adjusting to new homeroom teachers and classmates and routines. We as a classroom staff have to work out all the kinks on a new schedule, trying to meet every child's needs and help them be included in the curriculum when they can. I work with the most awesome ladies in the world! The first week is full of bumps and hiccups and typically all four of us forfeit our lunch time at some point!

And then there are our sweet girls. Hannah is excited about seeing her babysitter. Amy treats her like a queen! She knows what to expect from school as she is returning to the same preschool class for a second year. Mila; on the other hand, has not been away from home much in the two months we have been home. Thankfully in both situations (babysitter and school) she will be with Hannah, which will be a comfort. Kids are resilient, but I have to wonder when I drop her off at the sitter's tomorrow, will she think I've dropped her off to some foreign place and never return?

Back to the grind. Getting out the door ought to be fun. It use to be a challenge to get out the door with Hannah every morning in one trip. Can I make in two with both girls??? We will see!

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