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Friday, September 11, 2009

Fun Friday evening

Tonight after the girls and I got home from school (and the sitter's), we decided to hang out at home. We made homemade pizza and bread sticks for dinner. Sitting at dinner, I couldn't help realize how far Mila has come in two months. She is chewing, finger feeding herself, and finger pinching items...none of which she could do when we arrived home. Don't get me wrong, Mila was covered in pizza sauce from her hand to her elbow, but she doesn't miss a bite! (When she started feeding herself half of the food would end up in her chair.)

After dinner we put my iPod in the player and danced and sang to music as a family. What a great way to end a work week! While dancing with my girls, I went through so many emotions. Mila loves the song 'A New Hallelujah' by Michael W. Smith. When Doug puts it on, her eyes get great big, she smiles so big that both dimples show, and she starts to bob her head to the beat. She has started to clap her hands to the music. Yes, the clapping is labored, but we'll take each baby step and rejoice in them. I felt overjoyed to watch both my girls dance and sing to music. And then, Mila saw Hannah dancing, and wanted to dance. Doug and I took turns-- either holding her and dancing with her, or holding her up so she could move her feet. I felt so worthless and useless that we don't have the equipment (like a gait trainer~encompassing walker w/ a seat) to allow her to stand up and dance like her sister can in her walker.

Tonight, dancing with my girls, I realized what it is all about. Being happy and being surrounded by the ones you love. We'll take on every challenge, run every race. My girls may meet that challenge/race a little different, and take many baby steps to reach the goal, but in the end, we have way more to rejoice over at the end because we have celebrated many milestones between the start of the challenge and the finish line!

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espe said...

Hi..I really enjoy reading your blog---it is both refreshing and heartwarming...I especially feel that the last paragraph of your post says it all beautifully!

God Bless your family!