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Friday, October 2, 2009

3 Months Home

As of today we have been home with Mila for three months. Had to believe that it has been 3 months, and yet, in another way it feels like it has been longer than 3 months. The thing I noticed (and everyone else does too) is how happy Mila is. She seems to smile so easily and she giggles so much! I think she is right where God meant for her to be!

In those 3 months, Mila has made great strides. She continues to impress us each day. She repeats all kinds of words, especially the last word in a sentence. (So don't ever end your sentence with something that shouldn't be repeated!) She is saying Mama, Papa, Hannah, Daisy (the kitty), more, please, Hi and Bye independently. She understands a lot of english. When we ask her is she is ready to eat/if she is hungry, she tenses up her body and shakes her head and says "yeah". When I say "what is your name?" she is making an attempt to say Mila. (It typically comes out Me-a.) She is working hard to wave and blow a kiss. Her movements are labored, but so well worth the wait. She loves TV and will sing along. Tonight I noticed her whiel watching Diego, when he said "clap your hands -- clap, clap, clap, Mila started to clap her hands. She says prayers at dinner time. We'll say, "let's pray" and she folds her hands. And as we pray (Dear Jesus. Thank you for the food before us, the friends beside us, and the love between us.) she is "talking right along. And then she adds the ending pretty well (In Jesus' name we pray) and she has the word Amen down! I love prayer time!

We have found a bath chair thanks to our awesome school O.T.; Melissa. Now we are on the hunt for a stander and gait trainer. When you hold Mila up, she wants to move her legs and be mobile like everyone else around her. At school they are using a creepster crawler http://www.flaghouse.com/-item-36887 to help her learn how to crawl. She loves school. (Eating crayons and markers and all!) She got AFOs last week, so she has been adjusting to wearing those each day. We saw the GI doctor, and she is pleased that giving Mila Miralax is helping her, so unless we have problems, we don't need to go back to see her.

Hananh is doing well too! She is such a good helper and loves doing just that! It is hard to believe that in 2 short weeks, she will be 5 years old. It seems so sad to me. I have only been her Mama for almost 2 years and I didn't get to celebrate her first three birthdays, so she and I have talked about just staying 4 for another year. (To which she has decided she doesn't need to be 5....she'll just be 6!)

We have gotten into a routine of getting out the door each morning, and we pray for no rain when we get to school, otherwise the three of us would be soaked by the time we got int he building! Some days are more challenging than others, but the good outweigh the bad, so I keep on, looking forward to another day's adventures!

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