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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fun Fall Days

Yesterday in Central Ohio was a true blessing. The weather was like a warm spring day, so we took advantage of the sunshine and warm breeze and headed to the park to play with friends. Jacob and Kyle met us at the park with their Mommy (by "bestest" friend) and her mom and grandmother. It is always fun to see people who you don't see very often and for them to be able to see your children. Marie gave me the best gift yesterday, by commenting on how much progress Hannah has made since she last saw her and how beautiful Mila was. (Thanks Marie!) Doug and I know that Hannah has made great progress, but when you see your own child daily, I think we miss the "big picture" sometimes. It takes a person, like Marie; who saw Hannah for the first time in December of 2007 (weeks after arriving home), then again in the summer of 2008, Christmas of 2008, and in October of 2009. Marie was amazed with the progress Hannah has made, and enjoyed watching her (sometimes with worry) as she cruised the accessible playground with her walker. (Hannah loves to 'Superman' down the ramps on her walker!) Hannah doesn't miss a beat and loves to try to keep up with the boys!

Mila is making great progress. She has a tub of toys that she loves to "play" with. She actually just enjoys sitting next to the box and touching all the toys or taking them out and tossing them. We have had her in her bumbo chair in front of the tub, had her sitting criss-cross on the floor in front of the box, and today decided to put her in the box! She loves her toys! Mila is also enjoying sitting on a stool (with some assistance from Mama) in Hannah's kitchen and having Hannah cook her a meal! Mila is also working on standing (again with some assistance) at the counter of the play kitchen...and tossing pots, pans, or whatever she can get her hands on! (Hannah told her yesterday--"Mila, I just cleaned my kitchen, now I have to do it again!")
Mila is using more and more words spontaneously. Her favorite of the week is "No". The word is not in a defiant manner, but rather that I think she finally understands she has a choice and by golly, she is gonna have one. She does occasionally say "yes" as well! Today she attempted to drink out of a sippy cup by herself! YEA Mila!


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YAY! Another parent with a tub!

Denise said...

I love reaing your blog!You are an inspiration to me.We are on the journey to bring home a son with cp from Liberia.We are new to cp and i have read anything i can find.Your blog and your little girls growing and watching them change is a blessing to me.I know our son will do wonderful things once he is home with us.Thank you for letting me read your blog I love seeing how well both your beautiful daughters are doing.