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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Reeces Rainbow Angel Tree

We feel truly blessed to have a wonderful organization that helped us during our first adoption and guided, answered countless questions, and helped us every step of the way through our second adoption. Reece's Rainbow was established by Andrea Roberts in 2004. In five years, Reece's Rainbow has helped find loving homes for over 225 children with disabilities.

Starting today (November 1) through December 31, Reece's Rainbow has a fundraiser--Christmas Angel Tree. This fundraiser is typically corresponds to the highest number of children finding their "forever families". A typical adoption is $20,000, and sometimes over that amount. Reece's Rainbow currently has over 200 children with disabilities waiting for a "forever home".

Our family is asking all of you to join me in raising awareness about the hundreds of children waiting for a family to come and love them. Please take time and visit the Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree. The reality is that each child on this page living in an orphanage or institution somewhere in the world. At some point, though the age might be different depending on the country, all of those children will be moved out of children's homes and into institutions, where they will live the rest of their lives never knowing the love of a family.

We are not asking you to adopt one of these children, though I can tell say from experience that you would be wonderfully blessed beyond your wildest dreams if you did decide to adopt. Even if adoption isn't in the plan for your family, you can still give that child an bit of hope. By donating the smallest amount (for example, skip that dinner out and donate the money you would have spent towards dinner on of these kiddos) you are giving a family that wants to adopt a child a ray of hope. The harsh reality is that adoption is expensive. Every penny donated to one of these children increases their change of finding a family. Your donation just may help a child become part of a loving family.

Our family is advocating for two little boys this season. Sterling and Zhenya are both in orphanages in Eastern Europe.
We pray for Sterling each day. We are part of a great community for Reece's Rainbow called Prayer Warriors. I am responsible for praying for Sterling each and every day until he has reached up to the arms of his Mama and Papa and is at home with his forever family.
Look at his big brown eyes. Wouldn't it be great to snuggle him up in your lap and listen to him say "Mama"?

When we began our second adoption, we had to prayerfully consider many little faces that so desperately needed a home. One of the little guys we prayed a lot about was Zhenya. After much prayer we decided that a second girl was best for our family at the time. Later, we found that Zhenya still had some contact with his family and for several months he was not on Reece's Rainbow list. In the last few months, Zhenya has become available for adoption.

Look at that face! He looks ornery! I can just imagine the giggle that must resonate in a room when someone tickles him! He just needs a chance to be loved by a family!

Our world has been enriched by two little girls from Eastern European countries that we feel blessed to call our daughters. Two years ago (today) we met Hannah for the very first time. During that initial meeting, I thought she might need hip surgery, never walk, and only talk by using sign. We gave her the greatest gift--a family that loves her, and look at how she has thrived! Her smile and hearing the words "Mama I love you" is the greatest gift I could ever ask for.

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