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Friday, November 20, 2009

Our days

Mila has started to chatter up a storm. She repeats a lot of final words in someone's sentences, but in the last week or so, she is independently saying words and sometimes putting two words together so we get her message loud and clear! Tonight at dinner, she said "more drink" and then later she said "more" and I went to grab her cup again, and she said "no (a long pause) more bite". She asks for toys, which typically means she wants to be put IN her toy bin to touch and feel, and throw her toys out of the bin. She is saying "more" and "no" consistently, and this week the new word is "help", and she uses it correctly.

Mila has had a tough week. Because she isn't completely verbal, we aren't sure what is causing her to be so upset, but we have had many days filled with tears. She has cried going to the sitter's, coming home from the sitter's, going to school, and leaving school. I think the anxiety revolves around transitions, but the transitions have been the same since September, so I'm not sure why we are having so many issues.

We've had some unseasonably warm days here in Ohio, so the girls have enjoyed time outside. Hannah always enjoys riding in her car; which she sometimes calls her minivan. Someday she'll decide driving a minivan isn't so cool, but for now, it's comical. We put Mila on the little Power Wheels 4-Wheeler and she seemed to enjoy that with some help to push the button and steady her body.

Friday (the 13th) was Hannah's adoption day. She wanted to eat at Red Robin and see Red Robin, but he is only int he restaurant on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so instead we went to a hotel for the night to swim. She wanted to sleep with Papa that night (her choice for her special day) so Mama and Mila slept in the other bed. Mama and Mila slept like babies. Doug, on the other hand, said he had several short conversations in the middle of the night with Hannah ("Papa, what ya doing?" "Are you sleeping?" "Is it wake up morning time yet?") in addition to her being in all positions in the bed!

Adoption day is a day full of mixed emotions. We feel truly blessed to have Hannah in our lives. This day also reminds me of the one we left behind. So in a way it is a happy day because we love Hannah so much, yet I am also also constantly wondering where Max is, what he's doing, and if he still knows how much we love him. Going through teenage years with loving parents is one thing, being left at an orphanage (on two different occasions) is another. When he was home, we had a way to communicate with him. Now, we have heard where he might be, but we have no connections at the moment, so we have no way to reach out to him. I miss Max. Hannah asks about him. I know he would love our girls (his sisters) and he would be great help with them. Maybe someday our paths will meet again. Until that day, I will continue to pray.

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