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Sunday, December 13, 2009


Church today was awesome. Three students from IHOP University (International House of Prayer) in Kansas City came to speak today about the movings of the Holy Spirit they have experienced. The guy who spoke talked about being an Acts 2 church. He told us we couldn't just assume by attending church once a week and saying our 30 second prayer was going to get us into heaven. God asks us to pick up our cross daily and read the scripture. He said we needed to turn over our entire life to Christ. Students at IHOP are doing that exact thing and people are being healed of eating disorders, back problems, self mutilation, drugs, alcohol, and cancers.
"Life is more than your fat wallets, your Bentley, your nice houses, and your high paying jobs" he said. "There are children in Africa who don't have clean water to drink." And at that moment, I had a vision of a young man who we love so much. A young man who I had such great hopes for. A young man who had the chance to experience the love of Jesus Christ, but now is in back in an environment of those who feel worthless, unloved, and unwanted. I pray he continues to hold on to the Love of Christ and although it is a challenge to stand as one against a mighty demon, he has the Power of the Mighty savior with him.

I also felt the calling to go, to do more than we are now. Doug and I want more children. There are some people in our lives who have this great desire for us to have our own biological children. Every time I think about the heartache of trying for a biological child, I see all those tiny faces of those we have seen in countries far away. How can I consider having a child, when in my heart, I know, my children are in other countries, waiting for me. Waiting for a family. Waiting for a chance to be loved. And so, I know that God has laid a burden for orphans on my heart for a reason. It is time to go to him in prayer. To listen, to understand what HE has planed next for us.

There was an alter call for anyone who felt the need. It was amazing to see the number of people humbling themselves before God. People who needed healing, may it be physical, emotional, or spiritual. As Doug sat with Mila on his lap, I put my hands on her and began to pray. Both our children are wonderfully and beautifully made. But in a mother's heart, I would also love for both our girls to be able to walk independently. To do the things that other children do--be able to run and play. To be able to climb on a swing independently. If their legs were healed we wouldn't have to have AFO braces, botox shots, or surgeries. I know our God is a mighty God and he has healed so many. If it is HIS will, He will heal. If not, we will continue to rejoice in the improvements each of our daughters has made and will continue to make.

Today was a great day to be together as a family. We had lunch, we did some shopping, and came home and played together. Our last mission of the day was to attempt a Christmas photo. OH GRACIOUS! After countless pictures, I finally got three decent pictures--one of both girls and one of them together!

There are so many children in this world-- 147 million children, who do not have a mother and father to call their own. Many of these children have never known the love of a family, or a Heavenly father. My prayer today is that God will allow me to be HIS hands and feet. To go, to love the orphans, to give them hope and love. HIS hope and love that is overflowing within me, needing to be shared with those who need it the most.....

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