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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Hannah has had 4 rounds of botox injections in her hamstrings. Most recently, she had injections in her calves and her hamstrings. The physical therapist and physical medicine doctor both thought at the prime of her injections (where she is the most limber), we should try casting her legs. The hope is to encourage a better position of her ankle so that she has more balance when walking/ is more steady when walking. Right now her left leg rotates in at a 45-50% angle and the side of her foot drags.....it looks totally uncomfortable, but somehow she is remarkably steady when walking!

Last week was the first week of casting. They put a wrap on her leg first, then wrap her leg in casting material. Thank goodness, the warp on her leg (underneath the colored cast wrap) is plastic-like, so she can take a bath in her cast....we just have to "dump" her cast out when we lift her out of the tub or she has water pooling in her ankle!

After being int he cast for a week, we can peel the cast off so she is ready for a new cast the following day at therapy. So today was round 2 for casting. The PT was impressed with the change in Hannah's right foot (which is the stringer of the two). Last week she had flexion of a 2 and today she was up to 7. They would like to see 12-15 in an ankle. Hopefully this will be the last week of casting for the right foot.

Hannah has "treads" as we call them to put on her feet for some traction with her casts on. Last week the Velcro straps were way too long, so I cut them some to shorten them. Well, today we went to put them on and the straps were to short!!! AUGH! Not good for a toe walker who likes to play outside with her class! So Papa took pieces of Velcro and hand sewed them on to her straps so she can have her "treads" tomorrow!

Penguin socks we bought tonight with grippers on the bottom. She has to wear adult socks so they fit over the cast!

Candy cane themed cast this week. She has a matching candy cane on her left foot too. She had red casts last week and was hoping for green this week (for John Deere), but they didn't have green.

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