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Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Weekend

We had a weekend long Christmas celebration! Christmas Eve was spent with the Layne family in Perry County, Christmas morning we opened presents here at home with the girls then went to my (Cara's) parents for lunch and Christmas with my Grandpa and Aunt. On Christmas evening we went to visit my Grandma at the nursing home. Saturday morning we went back to Mom's to open presents with my parents, siblings, and their kiddos. It was a good weekend, but I am glad to be finished. I feel like I am on present overload!
Hannah and Mila received more than enough for Christmas. We are truly blessed that our family has taken our girls in and accepted them as their own. No one in our family looks at our children any differently than if Doug and I had created them with our DNA. My family is accustomed to difference, and difference is a way of life and is wholeheartedly embraced. Doug's family is just the same.

As we go about our days, I think we are sometimes oblivious to those who look at our children and wonder why we have chosen to adopt, adopt children with special needs. There have been comments of "why would they travel so far, spend so much, when she can't even hold her head up." One listen to that laugh, seeing her smile, listening to her 'con' her way into having a second chance of being rocked each night is all the evidence needed to know WHY we adopted. ALL Kiddos need a chance.

I think about Jesus and how he humbled himself, HE who became a great ruler, counselor, educator, and leader, to be born in a cold, dark, stable. He was wrapped in rags and placed in a manger where animals had eaten from. HE cares for all people....those who were sick, diseased, those who stole, lied, and committed horrible crimes. That same man, JESUS CHRIST told us to look after the orphans and the widows in their distress. So to those who wonder why we went half way around the world, spent that much money, and came home with our two daughters...I would tell you that GOD called us to do it. How could we deny that request??

Merry Christmas everyone. May the God who humbled himself to be born in a stable be with you every moment....for those moments you are most proud of, and for those you need the most forgiveness for. HE loves each of us, just the way you are.

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espe said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your lovely family!