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Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Weekend

What a crazy smile! Hannah and Mila got new hats on our shopping trip today! Hannah wanted me to take her picture, and this is the result! What a cheesy grin!
Hannah has been determined to have sandals like Mama's. After therapy on Friday, we went looking for a pair, but she didn't like the way the flip flops felt between her toes. She tried on a pair of strappy sandals, but didn't like them because they weren't "like Mama's". Today at Target we found a pair that she liked. We've talked to her about walking safely, on her heels, not her toes, or she is going to have scraped up toes!! Mila got a pink pair of sandals! (Gotta love the 70's green carpet in the picture!)

We have been giving Mila opportunities to feed herself with a spoon. I haven't quite found the best utensil yet. She loves being independent and we want that too. With Mila feeding herself, we all have to be a little more aware of the food that might be flying! (I worked so hard not to giggle when rice went flying. I didn't want her to think I thought it was funny, thus encouraging her to do it more!) She was so proud of herself, she kept saying to Hannah "Hannah, I did it"!

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful blog! What is a little rice with that smile!
Jennifer Gregg