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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Therapeutic riding

We finally found a place for the girls to go for therapeutic riding. The place is about 45 minutes away from home, but for the girls to be able to ride and enjoy riding (without Papa worrying about them being safe riding at home), it's all worth it.

Tonight was just the beginning. Tonight's ride was for evaluation purposes. Both girls got to ride while someone took notes about the girls.

They both enjoyed every minute! Here are some quick pictures to prove it!

Listening to directions before riding

She was so relaxed, I think she could have fallen asleep!

Can you see the smile???

Mila waiting her turn while watching Hannah ride

Loving every minute...and working those ab muscles to sit up big and tall

Mila's favorite part? The "jolt" she got when the horse started walking. The girls said she always got the biggest smile on her face!

She knew the horse was about to start walking again!

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And patiently waiting... said...

Wow, what beautiful smiles!! How fun for them!! :)