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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fun 4th of July Weekend

Our little local town of Ashville has had a 4th of July celebration since I can remember. It is a big to-do in town--parades, rides, carnival food, fish fry, and fireworks. When I was younger, my Grandpa owned the local filling station and all the carnival rides needed gasoline, so the company would give my Grandpa free ride tickets. I would ride the merry-go-round, because I am not a thrill seeker!

Those days are long gone, but the tradition is still the same. We gather as a family for lunch on the 4th and watch the parade. Our nephew; Nathan, was crowned "Little Mister" of Ashville, so he rode in the parade as well as my Grandpa being named "Distinguished Citizen". We watched the fireworks on the night of the 4th. As of right now, the girls don't even know the park exists. Last year we had just come home from Serbia, and the year before that, Hannah was too unsteady to ride rides. (not that I'm complaining-- remember, not a thrill-seeker!) There is just a pert of me that is so comfortable with my life and proud of who my girls are, I don't want others who see us in the park to pity us. Plus, in my book, any ride that can be put up and taken down in one day is not safe to ride!!! :)

Here are a few pictures to recap our 4th of July weekend!

Nathan in the parade , Mila sitting on Grandpa's tractor with Grandma

The girls love the horse! Hannah is a natural around animals!

Playing in the sandbox at Grandpa & Grandma's


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Leah said...

Oh I LOVE small town festivals! I lived in a small town for many years and miss it very much. Just can't convince Mr. Wonderful that he would love it too! And, FYI, they did a study a few years ago, and the rides that are moved from town to town (so they are re-wrenched in each town) are safer than the big rides where the bolts are only given a "visual check" on a rotating schedule. I'm sure you really wanted to know that, right? LOL Your girls are beautiful. I can't wait to say I have my own Serbian princess home!