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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Every child deserves a chance...

As we look forward to journey into adoption #3 and #4, God continues to remind me that every child deserves a chance.  It's something I know in my heart and truly believe with all my being.  Even when on the "same wavelength", He continues to send reminders to confirm that feeling, to reaffirm that truth.

In our homestudy, we have asked to be specific in terms of a child.  In my experience from adoption, even if you are specific in what you "would like", the government will off you a little less that what you asked for to see if you're willing to take what they are offering.    As I was talking to Doug the other day,   I told him that regardless of what we requested, I felt quite sure that God would present us with the child that was meant to be a part of the Layne family, regardless of his/her qualifications.  I have heard families adopting talk about a "dreaded blue folder"--the folder of children with special needs.

If I was to birth a baby, I do not get to pick the gender, hair/eye color, or ability of that child.  God does that, so why shouldn't adoption be considered the same?  Yes, just as in having a biological child child, many people say "I just want it to be healthy", and who wouldn't want that?  When I heard someone very dear to me say that recently, I wanted to respond, but bit my lip.  My hope, with any child coming into my family is that God will equip me with the love, skills, and ability to be the best parent I can be with the child HE has determined to be mine.

Today in church, we had some special presenters from the International House of Prayer in Kansas City.  This group is traveling to different destinations around the United States, praying for people and situations.  They have prayed in Washington D.C. and Warez, Mexico.    They came to tell about their work and to pray for the people of the church.  There have been miraculous hearings- physically, mentally, and spiritually in their work.  I felt this voice within me, telling me to take Mila to the altar to be prayed for.  I sat in my seat, crying, for I love my daughter with all my heart, just the way she is.  I love her though her legs do not support her to be independently mobile.  Does that mean, that given the opportunity to have the chance to be mobile, would I want it for her?  YES!  She wants to be like everyone else!  In her mind, she thinks she can do everything everyone else does, and gets extremely frustrated when her body limits her.

And so, Doug and I took her to the altar, in her wheelchair and came before the Lord, asking for healing.  Two members of the Strike Force prayed with us and for Mila, along with my sweet sister, brother, and many members of the church.  As I prayed though tears, I could hear Mila saying to me, "Mama, it's okay..."  It was like God was talking through Mila....reassuring her and us, that we will all be okay.  Okay with Mila's mobility, okay with the next adoption, okay with what God has in store for us.  My prayer today, and everyday is that God will equip me with the love, skills, and ability to be the best parent I can possibly be for my family.

Every child deserves a chance.  A chance to be loved by a family.  A chance to know the love of Jesus Christ.  A chance to be happy.  It breaks my heart that that isn't a common feeling around the world.  But sadly, it is not.  Please continue advocate, share about on Facebook and through your blogs, and most importantly, pray for the Davis family.  They have said YES, willing to love their little man who is waiting for a chance to be loved, and a judge said he is "Unworthy of a family".  Every child deserves a chance....

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Stephanie said...

Mila is such a treasure and so is her family!