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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Mother's Day, just as any other holiday bring a good bit of mixed emotions for me.  I am blessed, thankful, and burdened.
Today is a day that I feel truly blessed that God has chosen me to be the mother to two beautifully made children.  Though I did not carry either of my children in my womb, I love them as I did.  It is amazing to me how much each of my girls are like Doug and I in so many ways.  Hannah hates needles (as do I) and loves music (as does Doug).  Mila could live off a diet of all carbs (so could I) and could eat at any time food is offered (that's a Doug thing).  Acquaintances and strangers look to find similarities in families.  Many people have asked if my girls are twins.  They comment how much each of them look like me.
Today is the day I thank the Lord for the sacrifice the girls' birth mother made.  One mother made the responsible decision knowing that she could not care for her daughter and tried to give her the best chance she could by placing her in the orphanage.  The other mother, may live with her regret in the mistakes and decisions made in a time of crisis.  
On Mother's Day, my heart is burdened as I think of all the children both in our country and around the world who are longing for a mother to call his/her own.  Each circumstance is different, but each child longs for an embrace, a smile, someone to look after him/her.  Yet on Mother's Day and every other day of the year, many children in distant lands have his/her basic needs met by caretakers that are overwhelmed and underpaid. That child resolves that no one cares and he/she is unwanted.
I am thankful that through adoption I am able to be a mother.  I am grateful that we have a family that loves our girls as equals. I am blessed that through adoption my girls know what love is.  They know what it is like to be part of a family, to be loved, kissed, tickled, and rocked to sleep.
Happy Mother's Day to all those who love a child.  Whether by blood, or by love, any person can be called to be a parent to a child.

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Erika Rogers said...

We are also adopting through RR from Ukraine. We are so excited for your family and will continue to pray for a fast and safe journey.