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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy "Gotcha" Day

Today marks 2 years that Doug and I have officially been Mila Rose's parents.  What a blessing Mila has been to the two of us as well as to her extended family.  She has a winning smile and a giggle that is simple infectious.
She has come a long way since June 12, 2009.  I remember meeting her for the first time in her baby house, then taking her to have her visa picture taken.  As we sat in the park waiting for the pictures to be developed, Mila sat on my lap.  As I talked to her, she seemed to look through me.  There was part of her that had checked out on life.  She had given up without even knowing it.  I remember looking at Doug and trying give him a "special ed" look at our soon to be daughter.  I talked about a child I had interacted with in the past, and really thought that was what we could expect out of Mila.  I remember my blog post, you can read it here.  We really weren't sure she would interact, talk, or express her wants and needs, or chew.......BOY WAS I WRONG!
This little lady has won the hearts of many with her winning smile, her huge dimples, and her love for life.  She carrys on the funniest conversations and makes jokes with others.  Her favorite right now is to finish a conversation with someone by saying politely, "Bye, see ya later.....stinky pants!"  And of course that got people's attention and reaction, so it is a common end all to her conversations! :)
I began and ended the day with pictures of Mila's gotcha day.  From "Mama, don't take pictures of me in my bed. I'm in my 'jamas" to the countless questions of "when are we going to dinner where they cook our food behind us?" (We obviously need to work on her position words!)
Lord, we thank you for our sweet Mila.  I can't wait to see what the next twenty years bring for her!

Pictures from today (and some of the many comments from Mila:
"Don't take pictures of me.  I'm in my jamas!"
Her favorite breakfast- a banana.  She requested to eat in the living room today!
Gosh I love those piggies!  "Mom, those aren't piggies, silly, those are my toes!"
and I love your fingers. "Mama, that's my banana. HA!"
"I'm going to pick up Grandma and the bad cows in the field!"
Cuddling with Hannah watching TV
"Look Mama, I'm sleeping!"
"Are we ready to go to my gotcha day dinner?"
"When is our chef coming to cook our food"
"Mama, I'm ready to go to my bed to sleep."
And a video.  She has quite the imagination.  The Imagination Movers were with her, they were doing a circus, she was at church, and according to Mila, the bible is bad! :)  I'm sure that was for a reaction!! Gosh I love this little one!

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