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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I don't know why, but buying size 5 diapers this week at the store really bothered me.  I know it's no big deal.  They are just a size bigger than size 4.
I guess in a way, I'm disappointed in myself.  Disappointed for making it a big deal.  Disappointed for having a "timeline" in my head of when Little Miss would be potty trained.  Disappointed that I allowed a size to bother me.

Little Miss can and will ask to go when it is convenient for her.   You know, when you are trying to get her ready for bed.  She'll say "Mama, I want to try to potty", or she will occasionally tell me she needs to go and has a warm diaper. She is L-A-Z-Y!!  She's pretty good at telling me when she needs to go #2 (or I notice she needs to go and ask) unless she is watching TV, and then that trumps all!  We tried hard for 2 weeks on using a schedule and she would do fairly well at going when I took her.  We made a big deal about "big girl undies" (aka Pull-Ups) and rewarded her with M&Ms,  but when I would tell her it was time to try to potty, he would complain.  "I don't want to try to potty!  I just want to wear a diaper!"  Lazy Daisy!

Potty training isn't easy with this one.  She is hard to hold on the potty due to low trunk control.  She also stiffens up her body and puts her legs out straight, so it is hard to keep her sitting on a potty seat.  I've tried putting her backwards on the potty, but she struggles with that too because she gets so tight.

I'm disappointed for Little Miss.  I know she is smart enough if she would just believe in herself and not be so lazy.  Changing her diapers is not a big deal, but as she grows, changing her in public places will be a bigger deal.  How do families approach diapering older kiddos when they are out in public places?  I don't want to stop going places as a family and refuse to let a silly diaper get in the way of family outings.

5....it's just a number.  A number that seems to fit her much better!

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Rochelle said...

My youngest daughter has DS. She's 8 now, but last year when she was 7 and still in pullups...well, I know how you feel! :) The baby changing table doesn't really accommodate a 50 lb "baby". LOL I thought she was potty trained when she was 4, but that failed...for 6 days, while on vacation, she peed & pooped on the toilet without fail...once we got home; nope! It will come with time, but I'll say a prayer for you guys anyway!

Elk Grove, CA