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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Great adventure, wonderful surprise

Today we decided to venture out on our own to see Max.  (Well, by ourselves, I mean the two of us, and Anya.)  Anya called a cab company for us and a cab came to pick us up.  The journey was a slower pace, but much enjoyed.  The driver was a pleasant man, laughing about his GPS system always keeping him company, kinda like a stewardess, only he wished that she offered him tea or coffee!! :)  When we arrived to the orphanage, our son was actually waiting for us!
We went up to Max's groupa and found many of his friends cooking!  So sweet seeing teenagers huddled in a small make-shift kitchen cooking together with the guidance of one of their "Mamas".  Today, in the small oven, a cake and Ukrainian soup.  OH, the cake smelled delicious.  Max's "Mama", showed us the kids craft room that the kids use during the colder, wet months.  The children have made many beautiful things!

We had asked the director when we last visited, she had told us if Max behaved well and attended classes this week, he could leave the orphanage for the day and spend it in the city with us.  When we went to talk to his "Mama", she asked if we would like to have him overnight...... Ummmm....SURE! 
We ventured into the city, had lunch together, then met Carolina and Evelina and took them to McDonald's.  Anya was able to talk to the families in Ohio that care very much for the girls, but after a while our teenager got antsy not being the center of attention.  (Big sigh, roll of the eyes from Mama), so we excused ourselves and headed to the Metro to return to the apartment.  Like a true Ukrainian--our boy had to be the first down the stairs, first on the Metro, first to the corner, first up the stairs, even though he had no idea where he was going! :) 
When we returned to the apartment, we called his sisters, and then Max played games for a while on the iPad.  Then, it was bath time!!!  Doug put on his favorite Chris Tomlin music (to which he always comments "Dan" when listening to it!) and we let him take a nice, hot bath...complete with LOTS of soap!  We then got out his clothes we brought him for court, and Doug washed the clothes he had on.  Let's just say, he changed the water many times!

We waited for Anya to return, then we went to Pizza Bella for dinner.  Max ordered spaghetti, Anya a salad, and Doug and I got pizza!  During dinner we decided that we would go visit "Kostya" tomorrow.  The orphanage had asked us to bring diapers for him, so on our way home we stopped to purchase diapers.  Who knew, you can buy Pampers by the diaper?  We bought a pack that had 4 diapers out of it! :)

Love this boy...he carried Anya's purse home! :)

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