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Friday, September 16, 2011

Little Boy Blue

After much waiting today, we left our apartment to head to the notary's office to sign papers.  One of the papers was for the SDA requesting a court date and the other was for the passport office to request change of names for both boys when we apply for their passports.  I thin if I understood correctly, once the SDA issues us permission for court, it could happen as early as the next day.  Seeing as it is Friday, nothing will be submitted to the SDA until Monday.  I would love to say that we could have court by the end of next week, but I truthfully think that might be wishful thinking.
After the notary, we headed out to the Baby House to see our little man.  Not knowing how long we will be here and being introduced to the Metro (subway) we told our facilitator/driver combo that we would like to take the Metro home from the orphanage. They took us to the Baby House, showed us which way to go to get to the Metro and said their good-byes.
We are the only family currently adopting from "Kostya's" orphanage, so everyone knows that when the Americans show up, we are there to visit one very sweet little boy!  The very sweet doctor told us that we could check in with her each day upon arrival, but said that she wasn't always in her office, so she showed us how to get to "Kostya's" groupa room.  The nanny/caretakers in his groupa seem very nice.  One nanny took us downstairs, showed us the stroller room and told us we could take our little man outside today.
One the way outside, "Kostya" kept bending backwards to look at the world around him.  I have to wonder how many times he has seen the world outdoors.  We had a great time visiting.  Since he was bundled up, I didn't have a chance to try clothes on him, but just holding some up to him I would guess he is a 9 or 12 month size.  He weighs 8 kilos, which is almost 16 pounds. (Hannah was 16 pounds when she came home at 3!)

We blew bubbles, played airplane, and gave lots of hugs and kisses. He found my necklace, so now that's one more thing I'll have to watch.  I love to see him excited--he stiffens up his body and his little hands/feet turn out!  Too cute!  I got a giggle out of him today too.
When we returned him to his groupa, we asked what would be the best time to visit him.  The nannies were very kind.  In the end, they told us that he naps in the morning and late afternoon, but to come when we like.  They would work around when we visit, and if he happens to fall asleep when we are visiting, we could just rock him!  :)  (Happy Mama!)

We made it home on the Metro, and I took notes, so I think we'll be able to find it with no problem!  YEA!  The metro ride is very cost effective!  We had made plans to have the Maddex's so we waited at our Metro stop for them.  A yummy dinner with friends and good fellowship...even if Bryan was in a hurry to get home and wash his hair! :)
Tomorrow we are going on another adventure--a bus ride out to Max's town for a visit.  If he has been attending class and the director is there, we might be able to take Max for a longer visit!

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