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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Random thoughts & observations

We've been here long enough, it's time for that random thoughts and observations post!

- People here walk in heels (tiny heels) and carry big purses.
- The Metro (subway) runs more often during the day, every 2-3 minutes.  Not so much in the evening, every 5-7 minutes, and hardly at all at night, sometimes up to 10 minute wait!
- Occasionally random people get on the Metro, and sing or play the guitar and sing for money.  The one guy who sings, particularly creeps me out.
- Once it's jacket weather, people seem to wear their jacket ever day from here on out.  Even when its 70+ degrees.
- Why does McDonald's taste better here??
- There is no such thing as handicap accessibility here.  I take that back--there is.  Metal ramp guides over the stairs.  So yeah, even though the guides are there, it still isn't accessible.
- Tiny markets are here there and everywhere.  You can buy the essentials--fruits, veggies, some meat items, water, and ice cream cones.  They don't give receipts.  You gotta go to the big stores for that.
-Some grocery stores only have food--no TP, shampoo, detergent.  You either have to go to the Mega stores or the pharmacy for that.
- most stores, have a aisle devoted for liqueur (like both sides of an entire aisle)
-chocolate takes up another aisle.
- They sell scented toilet paper here. (peach, strawberry scents for your bum.)
- Doug ate something last night called a faggot sausage.  Strange....just strange. (but Doug said it was good!)

- It is an insult to the driver to wear a seat belt.
-everyone carries a plastic bag here.  They sell ones with designs on them of various sizes in the Metro shops.
- The nicer the car, the faster the driver seems to drive.  Even on country, curvy roads.
- Our apartment has a bathroom (bathtub and sink), and a toilet room.  The toilet room is smaller than a bathroom stall.

- If the building is 5 stories or less, there is no elevator.  If the building is more than 5 floors, there is an elevator. (We are in the less category, and climb the stairs daily to our 3rd floor apartment).
- Many ladies dye their hair.  Colors that you can tell are not natural--purple, orange, red.  And coloring knows no age- I've seen young and old have un-natural colored hair.
- Doug says toast here tastes like toast does in America....(haha, funny guy!)
- Pickles on the other hand, taste way better in America!
- The old Babushkas (Grandmas) seem to carry the heaviest bags, full of groceries/produce.
- Despite what you may think, hand washing clothes is not that much fun.  I need a good dryer to shrink some of my clothes back into shape!
- You have to pay for bags at the grocery.  They are WAY sturdier than our plastic bags!
- Men carry purses.  Some are small, like a large wallet on a strap, others are larger.  We have coined these "murses" (rather than purses)
- There are ladies that get on the Metro and sell things--crayons, measuring tapes, tissues, anti-bacterial wipes, etc..  They change cars at each stop.  Anti-bac wipes seems to be the most popular.

Well, that's the thoughts and random observations for now! :)

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And patiently waiting... said...

We thought Mc Donalds was much tastier in Serbia too! Made me smile! And my hubby calls his a "man purse" :) Glad you had a little time to think of some things to smile at! :) May God grant you peace for the rest of your journey! Praying you home SOON!