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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday (day 29)


Let me begin by saying how much I stinkin' miss my girls!!!  After being away for 28 days (ouch, that reality hurts!), Mila finally decided to talk to us last night!  What a nice change that was!  She sat for probably 20 minutes, saying "You know what...." and "I gotta tell you somethin' else".  We heard about her new friend in her class (though she couldn't remember his name), how Ms. Christy got wet in the rain because she didn't have an umbrella, and that her book bag got wet.  Hannah typically is the chatty one, but yesterday, it was little Miss Mila.  She even told me she was excited about her brothers.  I love that the thought of having new kids in the house has started to sink in to her!  I love my girls and can't wait to be home with them again!

Yesterday, Nate took us out into the city and showed us around.  We made a trip to a big grocery and he helped us navigate the grocery.  We stocked up for (hopefully) our last weeks here!  We had to buy more shampoo, conditioner, soap, and contact solution because the two travel sized ones that we brought, we have gone through!!  I went to a Women's bible study last night.  How awesome to be around a small group of women who share the same faith.  The bible study was focused around the book Calm my Anxious Heart, by Linda Dillow.  What an appropriate topic for this journey we are on.  I came home refreshed and more confident.

Today, we ventured out to see our little man.  We didn't go yesterday because our facilitator called us and told us "Kostya" had a scheduled visit to the hospital.  She reminded Doug "it's planned", which I think was to remind us not to worry.  So when we got to the orphanage today, and arrived in his groupa room, the nanny swung her hands to say no when we asked for him, and then said "Doctor" and pointed downstairs.  This is when my heart started beating a little faster.  We went downstairs to see the doctor, and the nanny followed us.  The doctor spoke some English and told us that "Kostya" was at the hospital for observation.  She said he would be back on Thursday, and we could visit on Friday.  At that point, I wanted to fall apart, but kept it together.  We are not his legal parents at this point, just two Americans who come to visit him daily.  Thinking about my little boy...my little orphan boy, with Down Syndrome, in a hospital bed all by himself for 4 days, breaks my heart.  There is nothing I want to do more than to go there and sit with him, rock him, and be with him.
I'm already his Mama in my heart, and it feels horrible not being able to be there with him.  Our prayer is that he is treated well, and his time there is routine and that it will only help us bring him home.  Will you please pray for our little man?  Pray that he is safe and happy and well cared for while in the hospital.  Also pray to calm this Mama's heart as she can't be with him or see him for several days.

This afternoon we went to visit our big boy and waited close to an hour for him to come out of school.  My question to him- Where have you been?  Did you get in trouble?   I really didn't want to hear him say yes! Ugh.  He reassured me it wasn't big trouble. (oh, great!)  Seems that each student takes a turn cleaning the room after class.  Today was Max's day.  If the teacher is not satisfied with the way it is cleaned, she asks the student to do it again.  Seems our young man in all his hurrying to get out the door, had to do it 4 times over!!  Goodness!  He wanted to try and tell me that the teacher was mean, but we told him if he had just taken his time and done a good job the first time, he wouldn't have had to do it over!  BOYS....Teenagers!
Today we got another glimpse of orphanage life.  A boy who we have met before and has been around during some of our visits (we'll call him "V"), came over and was talking to Max.  Then another boy came up, put his arm around the first and started to walk away.  Our son jumped up and was ready to hit the bigger boy.  We told him to leave the kid alone.  Max then told us the bigger boy was going to take the smaller boy behind the building and beat him up.  We could tell that even though we told Max to stay out of it, he was worried about his (smaller) friend.  Finally Doug asked "You worried about V?"  Max said yes.  So Doug said, "let's go check".  I have no idea what Doug intended to do if one kid was pummeling the other behind the building, but he and Max went together to check on his friend.  When they got to the side of the building the boys were just "talking".
Max then told us when V came back around the building that the big boy wants to beat his friend V up because V's older brother (who is in prison) stole his cell phone.  The big boy is now trying to get the money for the stolen phone from V, who is the younger brother.  The big boy wants 800 grevna, so $100 out of V.  It's so sad.  V didn't do anything to the kid, but yet he is tormented for something someone else did.  And where is an orphan going to get $100?? 
V, we call "the tree climber" because he is always in the tree...and up too high for my comfort.  Doug and I decided that maybe that's his escape mechanism.  He is a small boy, smaller than our son, and Max is small for his age. 
When we arrived back to the apartment, we couldn't get in.  Seems the landlord was here cleaning.  When we walked in, she was in her skirt, and towel wrapped around her top as a shirt.  (Hehe!)  We felt kinda weird sitting here while she cleaned.  She even showered before she left!

Keep those prayers coming!  We can feel them and need them even more!  After checking in with the US Embassy, we learned that since the boys are not related, we will need to pay for an additional I600 form ($720).  Keep your eyes peeled.  We're going to reveal a Handy Helper fundraiser today or tomorrow!

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