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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pizza with friends

It was a damp day here and we had no visits to make.  We typically do not see Max on Wednesday, and Eli is still at the hospital for observation.  We slept in, then did two loads of bath tub laundry.  We had lunch, watched a movie together, and then took the Metro to have pizza with friends.

We have been blessed that Laurie and Bryan Maddex have made lots of friends and connections here in the city.  They introduced us to a great church family.  Nate, the assistant pastor is originally from Ohio, and his wife Diana, is a teacher in a Christian school here in the city.  Tonight we went to Nate & Diana's home to have pizza.  What a great treat, homemade pizza!  It was delicious.  And to share pizza and fellowship with friends.  It was a bittersweet night.  One last horrah for Laurie and Bryan as they are headed to the big city tomorrow evening to finish the last details of their adoption.  We have truly enjoyed our time together here in the city and feel blessed to have had the time to get to know them.  Their new son is precious.  (and loves sweets!)  Go safely Maddex family!  Can't wait to talk to you again when we are both stateside!

As we were walking home I started to think about our time here and how learning the Metro has helped us significantly.  We would feel very "stuck" not having the Metro to go places.  I found some info on the Metro on Wikipedia.
 Our "home" stop, (closest to our apartment) is on the green line.  It's name is Nauchnaya/Naukova.  This is also the stop you would go to to get to Calvary Chapel Church.  (We are close enough, we walk to church.)  When we go to see Eli, we get on at our stop (the green line) and ride south 4 stops, where the green line ends.  We then have to get out of our train, go up an escalator, down a long hall, and up/down steps to transfer to the red line.  We then get on the Red line and ride 4 stops to the Sovetskoi Armii stop.  This stop is easy to recognize because of the gold plated stars on the wall of the metro stop.  From this stop, we walk about two blocks to get to Eli's orphanage. There is a great grocery at the Zavod im. Malsheva stop on the red line.  We found the best selection at this store--and awesome fresh bread!
The other apartment that people typically stay in when in the city is at the Prospekt Gagarina, which is on the red line, between the blue and green transfer stops.
We have only gone round and round once.  We are by no means experts, but I don't think I want to stay long enough to be experts!  We are right down the street (within 20 minute walking distance) from Kharkov's freedom square. 

There is a large park right next to the square and on the back side of the park is the Zoo and the Dolphinarium.  
At this point, I feel pretty confident in my surroundings.  With that being said, I think it's time to head home--maybe I know the lay of the land a little too well.  Maybe it means I've been here too long!

No news about a specific court date yet.  We know that we will have a meeting with someone from the capital city here in our city on Monday at 1:00pm.  We ask for prayers that this meeting goes well, that the official has compassion on our situation and completes her work within the day. 

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Still enjoying reading your blog, thanks for the updates. :)

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