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Friday, September 30, 2011

32 days & a new apartment!

We have been in the country for 32 days so far. Right now, that is about two weeks longer than we thought our first trip would last, by the time we get home, we will have been in country 3 weeks longer than we anticipated for our first trip.  All this time, waiting to have court.
I am ready to be home with the girls and start preparing things for the boys to be home.

When we visited the baby house on Tuesday, the doctor had told us that our little man would be back on Thursday and we could visit on Friday. Well, today is Friday, and when our facilitator called the baby house and talked to the doctor, the doctor said she would need to call the hospital and check on him. Gracious. I just can't understand how a routine observation takes 5 days. Makes this Mama's heart worry that there is something they aren't telling us. If so, so be it. I'm still taking my little boy home. We'll deal with whatever may come. I just want to hold my little man. Give him the snuggles that I've been missing for the last 6 days. I want him to feel comfortable and secure enough to fall asleep in my arms.
     Word now is that our little guy caught a cold on Tuesday and they have been unable to do the tests they need to do at the hospital because of his cold.  He is suppose to be back at the orphanage on Tuesday.  There is a real chance that this Mama will not get to see her little man, to kiss his soft cheeks until he reaches American soil with his Papa and Grandma.  Please keep my little man in your thoughts and prayers.  Pray that he gets over his cold quickly, that his tests are performed, and he returns to the Baby House soon....possibly soon enough that his Mama and Papa can hold him, tell him how much he is loved, and that we will be back to get him, to take him home for good!

Today we moved apartments. Seems even though the lady renting our apartment to us offered Internet, now she wants to charge us more a day for the apartment for Internet use. We have paid $60/night for our entire 32 day stay-- $1920 in apartment fees.  This afternoon, our facilitator and her husband helped us move into the apartment Laurie and Bryan had been staying in.  This landlord agreed to let us stay for $50/night.  We hope we are only here 5 more nights.  Then, once in Kiev we will have a night's stay so that we can stop at the US Embassy before going home.

On Monday, a lady is coming from Kiev to help out with Max's amnesty.  Our facilitator was willing to do this for us, but the SDA mandated that another attorney is better suited to deal with his amnesty.  We want nothing more than to bring our boy home, so we are willing to do what is asked.  This means we will need to pay for the lady's train tickets to and from the region, her cab fare, and the fee that is included with Max's case.

Today, we did a lot of waiting.  I cried. (I'm at that point of this journey.  I miss the girls horribly, and since we are running low on funds, we haven't seen Max a second time this week.  I'm lost without my kids).  We added up what we need to finish our second journey.  It is pretty much equal to what an extra three weeks have cost us.  I am thankful for a dear friend who is going to have a Lia Sophia jewelry party to benefit our adoption.  Every little bit helps.

We thank each and every one of you for your prayers as we make our way through this great journey.  Though the road has been long and horribly bumpy with many pot holes, I have no doubt that God has his hand on us, leading us through this!

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MamaPoRuski said...

Praying for you, for continued strength in the battle to redeem your son. He is probably fine in the hospital, they stay a lot longer than we would. (no HMOs kicking them out within 48 hours). Praying that God continues to bring the right people into your lives to help you in Ukraine, including apartments!