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Saturday, October 1, 2011

To My Girls

Hannah & Mila,

Oh how I miss you!  I miss your giggles, your kisses, your hugs, hearing about your day at school, and hearing about something that happened in your day multiple times in an hour!!!
I see little things each day that reminds me of you and Papa and I smile when we see them.  Ever though you are not here in Ukraine with us, we see little glimpses that remind us of you each day!
Hannah- there is a great little playground across the street from our new apartment.  It has all kinds of slides and climbing space.  You could have a blast playing on it!
Mila- I think I spotted a wheel on it.  You could stand forever, giving Mama orders and playing "Jake and the Neverland Pirates"!  How fun!

Hannah- there are lots of stores that have little carts...you would love grocery shopping here!

Mila- I saw a huge selection of olives today at the store!  You would be a happy girl here in Ukraine, putting olives on your fingers before eating them!

Hannah- check out the loaf of bread we bought at the store today!  There is an entire section of fresh baked bread.  You would love the smell of it...it smells delicious!

Girls-  These cookie/wafer things are YUMMY!  I plan to bring some home so we can share them. :)

Mila- they have Oreos in Ukraine! :)

Mila- I saw a girl on the Metro the other day with Peppa Pig pants on.  If I had known Russian, I would have been tempted to try to buy her pants from her....but then the little girl would be naked...That wouldn't be good!

Hannah- I downloaded the new Lady Antebellum CD.  I can't wait to get home and sing the songs together and watch you dance!

Girls- your little brother is starting to crawl.  Hannah, that means I will need help.  We'll have to watch and make sure he doesn't put little things in his mouth...he loves to put stuff in his mouth.  Mila, that means that your toys are in jeopardy.  Guess we'll have to help Eli learn to share!  Maybe he can convince you to make some independent movement! :)

We love you so much.  I miss you so very much!  I can't wait to be home together, reading you bedtime stories and saying prayers with you.  We have lots to do to get ready for your brothers to come home.  I'll need help, and I know you both will be excellent helpers!  Be good, say your prayers, and remember that Mama and Papa love you very much!

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stephyoungot said...

I know a lot of moms and you are, without a doubt, THE BEST!