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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Think Positive

We have been away from home long enough that it is getting hard to find the positive in each day.  But yet, we strive to make each day the best day it can be and praise God for the positives, rather than dwelling on the negatives. 
So here are my Positives:
1. Waterproof shoes.

Where would one be on a rainy day in a town that has endless potholes in the streets/sidewalks without waterproof shoes?  These we a good investment!
(Side note, they are not waterproof if the water splashes up into your shoe...but since we are focusing on the positive, I won't mention that!)

2. Milka Chocolate
My all time favorite!  It is super creamy and will get me through any day or sorrow!

3. My raincoat
Thanks to great friends like Stephanie and Thatcher who love me so much that they didn't want me to be wet!  Guess what y'all?  I was totally dry today!

4. Umbrellas
We saw many people out and about today hustling and bustling here and there with no umbrella.  I giggled today b/c we brought travel umbrellas--not so fitting for a big guy like Doug.  He takes it all in stride and makes me laugh by saying "Yeah great, fat boy and a little umbrella...great!"

5. Wifi and Internet
Thanks to Nate for loaning us the router, so Doug isn't hollering at me all the time for hogging the computer.  He can happily access the internet from his phone!  I can at least talk to my sweet girls each day when I can't be there with them

6. My amazing husband!
(With a new haircut I might add!)  He has the burning passion for orphans and children with special needs.  He is the one who encourages me, lets me cry when I need to, and kicks me back into gear when I need to be strong.  We have been together for the last 35 days....and he still loves me! :)

7.  My soon to be sons
These boys are the reason we have traveled half way across the earth.  Each boy has his own unique personality.  Each boy has their own differences.  Each boy will face many hardships, but with the love of a family, we hope to love our way through those difficult times and rejoice with all the good times!

So, thought today was a gloomy, rainy day, we chose to be thankful for the positives in today and everyday!

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