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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Yep, we now know that we will be staying here in region through the weekend.  We had thought we would be heading out on a train tonight to go back to the capital city, but it turns out not to be the case.
Several weeks ago a judge in the region our boys are in ruled that a child with Mosaic Down Syndrome was un-adoptable per the new law. The new law lists that children under 5 are available for adoption by foreigners, only if they have one of the disabilities/diagnoses listed in the new law.  Down Syndrome IS on that list, but it did not list specific types of Down Syndrome.  The family is appealing the ruling, and I have no doubt it will be over-ruled, but in the meantime, the SDA in the capital city is hesitant to issue appointments to families wanting to adopt kiddos under 5 with DS.
The head minister (aka government official) in our region is writing a statement that will be turned into the SDA at the beginning of next week.  The hope is that once this letter is issued, appointments will continue. So until then, we will wait here in region and visit our big boy. That being said, I am so glad we stayed in region.  We were given the option when we arrived on Friday to go right back to the capital city and wait for our second appointment.  We would have (or at least I would have been) been fit to be tied sitting in the capital city without our boy, waiting for a week for our second appointment.
Doug said it best today as we were both frustrated and saddened.  He said "we need to make each day the best it can be".  How true.  Take each day as it comes.  Make it memorable.
And so, we ventured out this evening looking for a supermarket.  There are several little markets on our street, but nothing where we could get many items.  After walking 10-12 blocks, we found a nice sized grocery.  So tonight, back at the apartment, we fixed spaghetti and garlic toast!  YUM!
We've talked to Laurie and Bryan and headed out to meet them at the Metro to go have a drink. 
Laurie and I.  The guys thought it would be weird to pose for a picture together!

Sparkling wine. :)

I am thankful today that my girls are well cared for and happy with Grandma/pas and our awesome O.T.  We are blessed to have great people in our lives that care for us and the girls!

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AddingOn said...

Congratulations on your brand new son!! We also adopted our daughter after hosting her. She is from Russia. We also have an RR blessing from Ukraine, home 5 months. We have a few things in common!! I am originally from Ohio and my name is Cara! LOL
We also lost our first RR girl to another family (well not lost, but you know what I mean) and as with you I heard God loud and clear that she was not ours.
Your son is handsome, I pray things go quickly with paperwork so you can get home.