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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday stroll (day 14 in country)

This morning we were up at a decent hour and got ready for church.  Hash browns and peanut butter toast for breakfast before church.
We walked to Calvary Chapel this morning and found it just fine on our own.  It is so interesting to hear scripture in another language and then have it translated.  We knew many of the songs today, though only about half of them were translated.  Those that weren't translated were good to listen to and hear voices sing in unison to praise the Lord.
After church, we walked to McDonald's and had lunch.  In Ukraine, they have two different kinds of potatoes--the typical french fries and then seasoned potato wedges.  Anya helped me order potato wedges with my chicken sandwich! And they have sweet and sour sauce here, so I am a happy girl!
Since the weather was nicer today, we decided we would take the Metro (subway) to a large outdoor market and try to find Doug a jacket. (I tried to convince him to bring one from home...)  We found a black jacket (he'll fit in, black is the way to go) and pants set.  A little pricy, but not NEAR the price for the jackets we saw in stores yesterday!  And my hubby will be warm!  He returned to the apartment and tried his outfit on!

When we walked out of the outdoor market, I saw the car I want!  Too bad they don't make them in the US!  It is a Mercedes-Benz Vito.  It is a 10 passenger van that isn't much bigger than our mini vans back home.  It has many options for how to configure the seats. (Yes, I have WAY too much time on my hands...still it's fun to dream!)

We stopped at a large grocery store on the way home-BILLA.  Doug thought it was cool the kind of tea you can find here!
The store below our apartment is a kids furniture store. They canged the window display this week.  Look at the cool angry birds chair that is in the window!
Doug is a happy boy. Tonight he found a way to hook the cables we brought with us to the TV here so we can watch movies on the television, rather than cuddling up to the iPad!

14 days in the country, a full two weeks, and we still have not met our little man. :(  Will you continue to pray for our family, those in Ohio caring for our girls as well as us here in Ukraine--for the boy we love so much and for the boy we can't wait to meet!

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