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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Surgery day

We arrived at the hospital at 6:30am and soon after went back to a pre-opnroom where we were visited by a intake person, a nurse, the Orthopedic surgeon, and the anestiologist. Mila was Dr K's first surgery of the day, so she went back to surgery on time, if not a few minutes early. While waiting before surgery, Milan kept taking about needing to go to the repair shop to get some repairs done. She told everyone who came into the room.
We gave her one final kiss goodbye and headed to the surgery waiting room. They hospital gives you a Id number and you can continually check on your child's status. Doug and I sat in comfortable recliners while we waited through Mila's two hour surgery. Doug even slept some. (Those that know him aren't surprised! He didn't snore too loudly!). The surgeon came out to tell us that surgery went well and she would be in recovery for about an hour. They gave us Mila's room assignment and we headed upstairs to wait for her.
We are in the new part of the hospital. This is our first hospital stay, but just om visits to some of my students, I am impressed with how nice the room is. Plenty of space for two parents to stay. The couch unfolds into a bed big enough for 2 people to sleep on and there is a nicer recliner.
Mila's arrived in her room around 12:30 or so. Boy oh boy are her legs spread far apart! She is pretty groggy and slept a good part of the afternoon. She has two decent incisions on either side of her groin. Anytime she moves, her eyes well up with tears. She had some I.v. fluids that she can get rid of as soon as she has something in her belly. Grandpa (a.k.a. Big Belly) and Grandma came to visit her. Hannah will be devastated. Just in the last week they have instituted the 'No visitors under 12'.


Around 3:00pm the nurse and nurses aid, both named Danielle (easy for when we needed someone!) came in to put tape and waterproof tape on the top rim of Mila's cast. She was at the end of her meds and she had swelled some, so tucking pieces of tape into the inside of her cast was painful, not to mention that she was rolled on her side with her right foot sticking about 18" up in the air!! After that ordeal and some tears, Mila was able to focus her energy on Grandpa and Grandma and "going camping". They love to pretend together and Mila always thinks of something they forgot to pack on their trip!
Grandpa and Grandma left around 5:30, and Papa stayed until 6:30. She's had chocolate pudding and is quietly asking me questions, and just told me she needed more medicine.
We'll wait for the evening nurse to come around and ask for a shorter iv support on her arm so that she can suck her thumb tonight, now that they have taken off the iv drip.
Thank you for all you love, prayers and support. We have definitely felt them today and know that it has helped this Mama's heart immensely!


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