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Monday, January 16, 2012

Surgery Scheduled

Last Tuesday I took Hannah for a doctor appointment, so I had the day to catch up on phone calls.  One of those calls I made was to the Orthopedic surgeon's office.  Back in August, Doug took Mila to see the Orthopedic doctor, and I fully expected him to come home and tell me everything was the same and they would see us in 6 months.  Instead, he came home and told me the office would be calling us to schedule surgery.  Augh!
The Orthopedics office has called twice and offered us a surgery date less than 7 days out because of a cancellation. One date was about two weeks after Elijah came home, and the other date was on December 22.  So last week, when I talked to the doctor's secretary, she told me that she had two open dates for surgery- January 18th or February 16.  If we chose the February date we needed to know that the doctor would be on call for the weekend, then out of town for the two weeks following the surgery date.  If we didn't choose either one of those dates we would be looking at late March for surgery.  So after weighing the options- considering the options of having a different doctor if something occurred was not appealing.  (There is a doctor I am not impressed with after two of my students' surgery.  I don't want to take the chance that doctor would be the one we would see.)  Also, a later surgery date would mean that Mila would be in a cast for her birthday, and possibly while Doug is gone to Ukraine in the spring to bring Max home.  So though the date was only 7 days out, we decided the 18th would work best.

So today, we took Mila to see Dr K for our pre-op appointment.  He took x-rays to make sure things were as he expected.  Then he came to talk to us and answer any questions we may have.  He plans to make two incisions around her groin area and release the tendons in her hamstrings and abductors.  She will be in a cast for six to eight weeks from her hips to her ankles, with a bar in between her legs. (we had first thought a cast from nipples to ankles.) 

She will have 1-2 nights stay in the hospital to check for fever and swelling.  Dr. K said the hospital team will set us up with transportation and wheelchair options that are best for Mila for the 6 weeks.  No school for at least 3-4 weeks, then it is up to us and the school team to know what Mila and the school team can handle.
Dressing her is going to be interesting.  There will be a bar between her legs, so pants will not work.  The doctors suggestion was to take a cheap pair of sweat pants and rip out  the inner seam, then put some Velcro in them.
Mila has been asking all kinds of questions-- can I go potty with my cast on? (She is finally taking an interest in going potty--figures!)  What can I eat with my cast on?  Can I still play with my cast on?  Mama, can you carry me with my cast on?  Can I take a bath?  Today, she was telling Hannah that she gets to pick the color of her cast!  Dr. K was telling her that there are all kinds of color options--including tie-dye and camouflage!  Because she is so schedule oriented, we have been talking about surgery and casting since last week.  She doesn't seem anxious at least at this point.
So, Wednesday morning, bright and early, we will head to Children's Hospital.  Surgery is tentatively scheduled for 8:30am, needing us at the hospital at 6:30am.  Though it's early, Mila won't have to starve thought half the morning before surgery.  Thoughts and prayers for Mila are appreciated.  Also, prayers for the entire family.  This will be Mama and Papa's first major surgery.  Prayers for Hannah and Elijah and Grandma and Grandpa who will care for them while we are at the hospital.


Leah S. said...

Many prayers for Mila's upcoming surgery! To be honest, prefer short-notice surgeries. Less time for me to worry with all the running around that must be done!

Michelle said...

Oh my! Just catching up! I pray this does amazing things for her because that looks like torture!! I hope we don't end up having to go the surgery route with Nadia but it may be inevitable. Love to your precious girl!