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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Mila has been in a cast for almost three weeks now.  We are possibly half way through our six to eight weeks in a cast.

Mila is a side sleeper by choice, but with her legs casted and spread 18 inches apart, sleeping on her side is not so comfortable.  Think about having one of your legs suspended in the air.  Not long before the leg that's up in the air goes tingly and numb.  She has slept downstairs with Papa by her side.  She tried sleeping in her bed one night.  (It went horribly bad.  She ended up waking both her sister and brother up.)  She has slept in her child's size recliner in our room.  She slept on the air mattress in our room.  Her worst nights she is up every hour.  Her best nights of sleep are waking one to three times.

We are all adjusting.  New schedules, new routines, less sleep.  Routines seem to take longer.  Getting everyone to dinner and situated.  Bath time- two upstairs in the bathtub, Mila downstairs with her head in the shower and being washed off with a wet washcloth.  We start bedtime routines, and an hour later we have everyone in bed and situated.
This is Mila's "shower chair" while casted.

By the time Doug and I are able to lay down in bed, we are exhausted.  We have been so blessed with a wonderful family, church family, and friends who have brought us meals since Mila's surgery.  Someone has delivered a yummy meal two to three times a week.  These meals allows me time to interact with the kids and take care of Mila's needs in the evening rather than spend time preparing meals and cleaning up after them.  I am so thankful to everyone who has brought us dinner.  Thanks Village Chapel Church and to my sister; Katie who set up a sit on Meal Baby.com for us!

Having people come to the house is also a blessing.  Mila is staying home full time with the exception of a trip once a week to Grandma's for care while Doug and I work.  Her teacher Ms. Christy has been seeing Mila weekly since she is not able to be in school and Ms Robin from church has been out to visit her weekly.  She looks forward to them coming.  We are blessed to have a wonderful friend, Patty; who comes out to the house to spend the day with Mila while she is home so that I can go to work.  Patty is exceptional with Mila and she looks forward to her coming each day.  We miss being out and about as a family and seeing friends!  feel free to visit us!

Though our days are full and some of our evenings are long, the blessing of food and the outpouring of prayers for Mila and our family during Mila's recovery time have been much appreciated.
Thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Laurie said...

Prayers for quick healing for Mila! I cannot even imagine how this is messing with daily life. Thinking about you all.

Anonymous said...

I feel so blessed to take care of Mila. She is such an imaginative child. Thanks for letting me be a part of her healing. Patty Peppa!