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Sunday, February 12, 2012


Not long ago, I thought April seemed forever away.  The thought of celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Max's birthday without him seemed unbearable.  And here we are in mid-February, and April is just six weeks away.

Last week we received an e-mail from our facilitator in Ukraine asking us to write a letter and send it via mail (not e-mail) to an official in the capital city.  Our facilitator had given us an outline to follow of what the letter needed to state.  The letter (again) requested that Max be allowed to come home in April.  I'm praying that this is just a formality.  Our facilitator told us that as soon as she knew more from the official in the capital city, she would let us know.  We've been told April, yet I know there are no guarantees.  We've been told that we would know more by the end of March when we could travel.

We are ever so thankful for two wonderful people in Ukraine that have been taking care of our son.  Nate and Diana have continued to go to the orphanage each weekend, pick Max up and take him to their home for the weekend.  They have helped him with homework, purchased countless pairs of socks for him (since he seems to loose them!), and taught him about respect and obedience.  We are so grateful for the discussions they are having with Max; some of them tougher than others; in his native Russian language, so that he understands and can learn what is really like to be part of a trusting and loving family.  So many people have talked at him for a vast majority of his life.  For the first time (with the exception of the times we hosted him) he is learning what is like to be accountable to someone, to be valued, and learning that in order to get respect you must give respect. 

This weekend when we talked to Max, he seemed so upbeat.  Nate and Diana had taken him to get a hair cut.  He looked so handsome!  They had bought him some body wash and deodorant (and socks...again!).  He and Nate gave each other a hard time and we all laughed a lot while talking.  Max said he had had a good week at school and had received some good grades on tests during the week.  His week sounded like it had been pretty good.  But like always, he asked when we were coming.  How soon would we be back in Ukraine.  Was Mama coming to get him?

I pray that as time draws nearer to spring, that all the financial and timing pieces will fall into place.  God has the ultimate plan.  I've gotta let go and trust God that he's got this one covered!

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