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Sunday, September 30, 2012

It's been a long time

It's been a long time since I have blogged.  To say the least, life has been a tad CRAZY.

Max arrived home on a Thursday, and school started for the kids the following Wednesday. (Mama started on Monday).

Transition to family of 6 was in full effect.  Max needed clothes and shoes for school and all kinds of school supplies.  Max began 8th grade, Hannah; first, and Mila; kindergarten.  My kiddos are growing up.

Life as a family of 6 with a teenager has been interesting.  Max has adjusted well and has meshed well with his younger siblings.  He is a great help with the "littles".  He will help unload kiddos and bags after school, he carries Mila and Eli to the table, and helps in any way he can.  He is great with Hannah, and the two of them enjoy playing Wii games together.  Hannah thinks her big brother hung the moon.  (Thankfully he has been great with his new 'shadow').  Many days I find Max in the recliner with one sibling or another, all cuddled up watching TV together.
Life with a teenager with homework has been the interesting part of the transition, for us as parents.

Max is learning English, and though his everyday conversation language is good, the educational concepts and terms are lacking, as would be expected.  So many times, Max will come home with homework that he doesn't understand.  In order to explain the concept to him, terms need to be translated, then often we have to take two steps back and explain the previous content covered for him to be able to understand the current content.  It has been a learning process for all of us.  Thankfully he has a very willing education team with a couple of Intervention Specialists that are willing to help him.  He has a tutor 3 days a week and his work is being modified so that he is working on the same skills as his peers, but it is an amount that will expand his knowledge, but not overwhelm him at this point.

 As a family of six, there is more laundry to be done, bath and bed time takes longer, more homework, more dishes, but ultimately there is a lot more love.  I can't believe that is has been almost 2 months since we've grown to a family of six.  The chaos has become the norm.  Max will occasionally comment at dinner  about when it was just the three of us, there was lots less noise.  Then he just smiles, and is right back at helping Hannah, talking to Mila, or helping feed Eli.  I think we have all adjusted well to the new normal.  Guess it's time to add some more chaos into the mix! :)


Hope Harder said...

So glad to hear Max is home and doing well. I was wondering about him the other day.

Unknown said...

I'm so glad your son is FINALLY home where he belongs and that things have been going so well. How does he like his room, what color did you end up painting it?