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Monday, August 11, 2008

Smart Cookie

Amazing what a little one can learn in just 8 short months of being home.

Today was the first day I HAD to go to school. I had a short meeting, then needed to work in my classroom. Hannah spent the afternoon with Bababa (what she calls my Mom [Ba-boo-shka in Russian is grandmother]) and she was none too happy that I returned for her! She loves being at Grandma's house, especially when Nathan and Calvin are there. When I walked in the house, she said to me "No Mama get me. I stay at bababa's house. Bye-bye Mom. See you later!" It's so good to know she missed me!!!!

Once home, we talked to Papa, then took a bath to get the green sand out of her hair. We are working on potty training, so we went to the potty before going to bed. Typical bedtime routine is 2 books, prayers, then 'rock-a-while' (all one smooshed together word in Hannah language) before putting her in her crib.

When I put her in her crib, I closed her door like always, then came to the computer to get some work done. Sitting here with the baby monitor with me, Hannah begins to call out "Mama......Mama......hey Mama!" When she gets no reply, she continues "Mama.....hey Mama....I need go pee in the potty". Too funny. She knows it got her out of bed one time, so maybe it will work tonight. This goes on for several minutes and the plea turns to "Mama....hey Mama......I please need go pee in the potty....pleeeeeeease!". Finally, after more than five minutes of pleading, I go into her room and she pops up in her crib and cheerfully says "Hi Mama, I (a)wake!" I told her she just went potty before going to bed and she's fine. "Oh.......Mama, I sleep in Mama's bed a-night?" She says with a big grin. I told her she sleeps in Hannah's bed tonight, give her a kiss, lay her back down in her bed, and walk out the door. After that, I didn't hear a peep. Hey, a girl's gotta try!!!! Amazing the coping skills one learns in 8 short months!

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Dan & Michelle said...

Okay, I just LOVE that post! It made me smile, how sweet!

That is some pretty impressive language skills for her after just 8 months!! WTG, Hannah!!!