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Friday, March 6, 2009

Exciting...and Random News

YEA! Our I-171 came in the mail today! Not bad for handing our homestudy in to a person's hands at the office last Friday! (In hindsight, I figure the other copy of the homestudy must have been there for an additional week). Regardless, that is a pretty good turn-around!

Spruce up those photos....and the paperwork is ready to send across the pond!


In other news, Doug has been working hard on the girls' room! He just came out of the room and is completely white from spackling dust, and the smell isn't overly pleasant, but it is worth putting up with for a week (or I hope) to get some paint on the walls. I love having a carpenter husband.

We went Wednesday night and Hannah picked out a "soft blanket" for her little sister. I know there will be growing pains ahead, but she is so excited about having a sister!

Hannah got to try on her new therapy suit this week at school thanks to a Physical Therapist that came to see her at school. First off, the PT was a man...not overly outgoing towards men she doesn't know, and then he put the 'torture device' on her. She was in the gym playing with her class. The PT and OT were working together, just putting pieces over her clothes. Hannah was a big girl, that is until I came int o take a look at her new suit! Once she saw me the tears started to roll and all she kept saying was "I wanna take my suit off", I don't want to wear this suit" through the sobs. Doug and I put her suit on at home again tonight, while watching Dora. She still didn't like the idea of having it on, but with M&M's and constant oohs and ahhhhs, she left it on and walked soem while watching an episode of Dora. We thought maybe trying it on at home would make it seem less stressful! Hannah has an appointment at Children's on the 17th with physical therapy, so hopefully they will give us more pointers!


Meredith said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! That's wonderful!

MamaPoRuski said...

Congratulations! It could have been the hand delivery too...and M&Ms with TV just about make anything better :(. Praying the suit helps!