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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Windy Sunday

What a wonderful weather weekend we had here in Ohio! Friday is was in the high 60's. Yesterday (Saturday) it was in the mid 70's, and today it was right at 70, but windy.

Yesterday we spent the day at the zoo. Hannah just loves the gorillas, so that was first on the agenda. She spent 20-30 minutes at the glass just walking back and forth and talking to and about the gorillas. After the gorillas, she wanted to see the giraffes. Unfortunately, the giraffes are on vacation while they're home is having a make-over. All the North American animals were out, so we saw grizzly bears, brown bears, wolfs, bobcats, and moose. Then we had to go see the lions. Hannah was disappointed that the male lion wasn't playing with his ball like he was the last time we visited!

Today was a fairly typical Sunday. Church included Hannah's favorite song, "Jesus Messiah". Uncle Mike came for lunch since his family wasn't home. (We can't wait to hear all about the trip to see cousins in Texas!) After a nap, Hannah wanted to go out and ride her 4-wheeler. Once we got out, she wanted to try to ride her trike. Because of the way her knees turn in, she has trouble keeping her feet on the pedals. A little creative thinking from Mama, got her in the proper position for riding. (Gotta love zip ties!) I took 2 zip ties and put them around the pedal and her shoe to keep her foot on the pedal. Thanks to the slope in our driveway, she had an extra little "umph" to help her keep pedaling! After pedaling down the driveway, she turned around, and went back up(hill) the driveway! WOW! What a big girl!

Amazing that a little pedaling can make two parents so happy and proud! 16 months ago in a baby house in Odessa, we thought Hannah might have surgery in her future. Not sure what her life entailed, but we were ready to love her with all our might. And now, 16 months later, she is talking in sentences, taking steps independently, and pedaling a trike! She wants to be just like everyone else!!!

Sorry about the noise on the video....it was windy today!!!

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