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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lost Key

Each morning we get ready to leave for school, Hannah always asks me if I have my keys. Some mornings she marches back into the living room to get her purse and then announces that she is ready to go to school too!

Today heading out the door, she announces that she has her "money card" (you know one of those promo, fake credit cards) but can't find her keys, they're lost! I told her that was a bummer....money to burn, but no keys so we can't go shopping!! I told her we would look for the keys when we got home!

I sat her in her car seat, put my purse down on the floorboard and Hannah's Tinker Bell wand made noise. Hannah was so excited and said with such expression "Sank you Mama! Your found my keys!" Had I known this was the "key" she was talking about that was lost, I could have told her where to find it a week ago!!! Then Hannah says to me "Mama, now I have my keys, I can go spend my money!"

....The imagination of a 4 year old!!

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