We have been blessed with two special daughters and two sons from Eastern Europe. We welcome you to follow our journey as a family of five, waiting to travel and pick up #6, with the ins and outs of family, education, farm life, and love!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunny Sunday

Yesterday after church, Jen, Billy and the boys came over for lunch. What a difference a year can make in our lives. A year ago, we were just newly home with Hannah, and yesterday, we sat around the table, eating spaghetti and justifying to our child, and the Dennis two why they shouldn't slurp milk, reminding one to chew before taking another bite, convincing one to eat just a few more bites, and making a mad dash for the potty during the meal because one proclaimed "I have to pee!" Sitting at the table with the endless chaos made me smile.....we are family, the crazier, the better!

Jen and I went to a baby shower for a friend and left Hannah, Jacob, and Kyle home with Billy and Doug. There are two new calves out in the barn, so when we left, the boys were heading out to explore the farm.

A text from Billy at the shower said the kids clothes had been washed, and now in the dryer, and all three were sleeping. (REALLY? Wow, Mr. Mom in action!) Jenb and I chuckled and thought maybe he was pulling our leg, but instead we learned that the kids, after visiting the baby calf had found the gravel pile! After playing in the gravel pile, all three were filthy, so the clothes went in the washer.

When Jen and I got home, here is what we found......three little one, sacked out in the living room, with only under-roos on, sleeping soundly! Too funny!

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