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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thoughts from our trip

Thinking about our trip to Serbia, I wanted to make a note of things we were glad we packed or things we should have.

Things I'm glad/*wish I had brought:

- peanut butter (there isn't anything like it when you travel)
- compact umbrella
- comfortable shoes (spend the money and get a good pair)
- Pepto Bismal tablets(nice to take a tablet before a meal out to help coat your stomach. Doctor suggested it before we went to Ukraine)
- travel packs of wipes
-travel size hand sanitizer
- power strip (we plugged the converter into the outlet and the power strip kept everything charged. No switching around plugs)
- i-pod. (Nice to drown out the noise from neighbors that don't keep the same hours as you at night!)
- drain covers (to put in the shower to give Mila a "bath"
-diaper pins (in case your kiddo's pants are too big!)

* washcloths (they don't have them here)
* clothespins (could have hung more clothes outside.)
* Ziploc baggies (we packed them, but they didn't make it here)
* cable to plug our travel DVD player into the TV. (ugh, watching a movie on a 8" screen isn't much fun!)
*more baby type toys (light up/music toys) - I wanted to be age appropriate and not insult anyone, but what I really needed to focus on was developmentally appropriate.... oh well!


And patiently waiting... said...

I don't have a couple of those things on my list. The diaper pins are an awesome idea. Thanks for the ideas!

The Irons Family said...

Thanks for the great list especially about taking peanut butter. Sorry about your finger, hope it is feeling better.

Mila looks so happy now!