We have been blessed with two special daughters and two sons from Eastern Europe. We welcome you to follow our journey as a family of five, waiting to travel and pick up #6, with the ins and outs of family, education, farm life, and love!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Playing Catch-up

Last week we drove to Georgia to visit friends we know and love from our mission trip journey to Ukraine in 2006. It is amazing how time can pass, but the people you care about stay the same! We had the chance to visit with Tom Kathy, Mike, Beth, JJ, Jeff (and his beautiful daughter Katie), Thatcher, and Stephanie. We played in Stephanie's therapy gym and got lots of great suggestions on how to "work" the girls to make their muscles stronger. We went for a ride in Tom's boat, where Hannah was determined to "ride the tube by myself". (After one short ride with Papa and dump into the lake, she was done!) We swam in Lake water...which Hannah thought was "delicious" ("I love fish pee water Mama!"~ I thought telling her fish pee in the water would gross her out!) We visited the Atlanta Zoo and saw the giant pandas and their baby. We visited the World of Coke and tasted all the "yummy" flavors from around the world, and went to the Georgia Aquarium. Hannah's favorite part was the Children's (hands-on) Museum. She could have pushed that cart for hours!
Here are some pictures from our trip!


Karl and Ashley said...

It's amazing how much she looks like she's always meant to be in your family - and how happy she appears! I'm still so glad for you guys.

Zactly said...

Great photos. Thanks for sharing. Looks like everyone is adapting nicely. How wonderful.
wishing you all the best,
mama to 5 homegrown children and 2 wonderful Serbian Americans