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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Caution: It's contagious!

Adoption is like potato chips-- You can't have just one.....or two..... it's contagious!

No, we aren't starting paperwork again, don't worry. I just can't resist looking at the Reece's Rainbow pages and pray for all those little faces waiting for homes. It breaks my heart to know that there are so many waiting.

Today was a good, but "Mama challenging" day. You have probably all had one of these days before. You know, thinking "no big deal, I can handle it"...then reality hits you in the noggin! I was dead set against buying a double stroller. Why would I need one? When I take the girls to school Hannah will use her walker and I can push Mila in the stroller. When we went on vacation, Doug took one stroller and I took the other. A single stroller is much easier to navigate in crowded places. Today I took the girls to therapy. No big deal.....is what I thought. The typical close to the door spots, all taken. So I parked in the parking lot that was further away, then put Mila in the stroller and carried Hannah down the long hall at the hospital to get to elevators. Hannah is easier to carry b/c she can help hold on to me (Mila is not help~ kinda like holding a 23lb 34" floppy newborn!), but trying to hold on to Hannah and push the stroller was a CHALLENGE! What I thought was no big deal, turned out to be a challenge and reality bit me in the hiney!
For most occasions/outings, Doug and I will be together, but for those days I am alone with both girls....guess I may need to look into a double stroller! UGH! Double strollers are heavier and take up more room in the car, but I guess it is worth it when I can put both girls in and go! (And if in the future, the "contagiousness" doesn't go away....what am I to do with three? The next one has to be mobile!!)


mck said...

Ha ha! You're going to appreciate your double stroller. I need a triple! Even though I have two who are mobile, neither of them follow my directions in unsafe places (like the parking lot, crowded environment, etc...) so I end up pushing the baby and the boy in the double stroller and carry D. You think a single stroller is hard to maneuver while carrying a child!

Mandy said...

We had to "break down" and buy a double when Alex came home too!!! I had a tandem with my 2nd and 3rd, who were just 15 months apart (oldest had hip surgery and wasn't walking just yet) and hated it. This time I got a Combi double new off of ebay and LOVE it. It TRIPLE folds (in half and then in half again). It's lightweight and haven't found a doorway it doesn't fit through. It's a side by side, so either boy can get out and walk easily without climbing over the side.
It fits in the back of my parents small car, with room to spare :)
Good Luck!