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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Life Continues....

...one stitch at a time!
This has been a trying week!It has been amazing to find out (sometimes painfully) what one cannot do with only one good hand! Trying to diaper, put on socks and shoes, and dress the girls was a challenge. I think the frustration of not being able to do much was more annoying than the pain it self. Thankfully, when I went to see the orthopedic surgeon, he decided I didn't need surgery. The tendon was nicked, but not severed. Praise God! He downgraded my "cast" to a splint and ace bandage. I go back Tuesday to have the stitches removed. It will be another week or two until I am allowed to swim/bathe/do dishes with my left hand.

So I have adapted this week, learning to do things differently to keep my finger out of pain's way. Poor Hannah wasn't sure when Doug wen to work this week that she would be okay. She looked at me and said "where's Papa?" When I told her Dug had gone to work, she said "Oh Mama, can you take care of bof of us?" When I told her I would try my best, she patted me on the leg and said "I know Mama, you try real hard, but you have a hurt finger...." So much for the vote of confidence! I love the innocence of truth that comes from a 4 year-old!

The girls are doing great! Mila is such a stinker! We say something, and she will repeat it, then when we ask in amazement for her to repeat it, she typically just gives us this huge grin or says "Papa" instead! We have heard her say words like Hannah, love you, more, Grandpa, Amy. The joys of being a special education teacher is that there are endless tools and equipment at your fingertips. We borrowed a stander, tumble form chair, and a wedge from school for Mila to try out. She enjoys being in the stander, and has become a pro of commando crawling off the wedge (but won't do it otherwise!) I know she has potential, we just have to get her motivated to use it!

We have been trying to get Mila is use some fine motor skills and use her index finger and thumb to pinch/grasp an object. Thank goodness for puff corn! She loves the stuff! It is a great way for her to try feeding herself, it dissolves, and it entertains/pacifies her when I am preparing a meal! Now if we could get her to use minimal fingers, rather than all of them on both hands! She ends up an orange mess! Oh well, all part of the process!

We tried eating out this week. We took Grandma, Grandpa, and Amy out to eat to say thank you for keeping Hannah while we were gone! We had a yummy meal and the girls loved the array of food on the "parfait" buffet. We came home with a cream puff to share, and here is the result....two messy girls!

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Allison said...

Cara!! The stander looks great! And I love the puff corn idea! I am so excited to meet Mila in a few weeks. She looks like she is doing GREAT! Glad to hear your hand is getting better. See you soon!