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Monday, July 20, 2009

Not one of my finer Days

We started out the day with Mila at the ortho doctor. We addressed her hip dislocation issues, and the long and short of it is, we will visit the Physical Medicine doctor and see what he would like to do and move from there.

After lunch, cousins Nathan and Calvin came over to play while Grandma ran into town. She had planned to go this morning, but because she had Hannah, she was minus a third car seat. The kids all had fun together and Amy got Mila to say her name!!

During the girls naps, I was sitting in the kitchen and spilled my drink. When something spills, instinct is to try to catch it> Well as the glass tipped and hit the table it broke, and put a huge gash in my pinkey finger at the joint. Thank goodness Doug was home. I yelled at him, and he came to my rescue. He got the girls up from their nap, picked me up off the floor, (I have a horribly weak stomach and either passed out or had a seizure on the kitchen floor--scared Doug silly..sorry!) dropped the girls off at Mom's, and took me to the emergency room.

Three hours later, the gash is now stitched and bandaged. I cut part of the tendon, so I have to see an ortho doctor yet this week to see if the tendon needs further attention and surgery. I didn't realize how much I used 2 hands! (Look at this get-up! All for a few stitches and to keep me immobile!!)

I am a HUGE chicken and I will freely admit it....no shame here! This is the first trip to the ER in 31 years, and the first stitches! It was not a pleasant experience. Think I'll use plastic from now on! My hubby is so awesome! He stayed with me, held my hand, and admired the work while the doctor stitched!

Of to bed in hopes this finger doesn't throb all night. Let's just say, today was not my finest day! Hopefully tomorrow will be better!


Christine said...

Ouch! SO sorry! Hope you feel better soon!

Jenn VH said...

Ouch!! Hope you have a quick recovery!!
~Jenn VH

Molly C said...

oy!! I will pray for you tonight. I hope you are feeling better asap

MamaPoRuski said...

Oh no Cara! So glad Doug was there and the girls were safe! Always sacrifice the object, you are far more worth it to keep in one piece! :)