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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Disney Trip

We had an awesome trip to Disney!  The girls did great on the plane, and were real troopers the entire trip!  We stayed on Disney property and I think one of Mila's favorite things was riding the bus to and from parks/hotel!

The weather was HOT, so we typically went to a park in the morning, came back to the hotel in the heat of the day to swim and nap, then headed back to the park in the evening!
We had two character dinners planned--one with Cinderella and one with Playhouse Disney characters. (Mila loves Handy Manny!)  Our first day at Disney, we saw Handy Manny and went up to have our picture taken with him.  We found out very quickly that Mila is NOT a fan of characters!!  Poor thing, she cried big tears and was very anxious around the characters!

So our Playhouse Disney lunch was canceled and instead we had lunch with the princesses!  (Mila enjoyed people characters--those that had faces and could talk to her--not a 6 foot mute mouse!)

Here are just a few pictures from our trip!

Mila loving the teacups!
As close as Mila cared to be to a 6 foot dog!
Loving the horsey ride!
Smiles for a step-sister!
What a great Papa!

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