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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

One baby step closer...

Yesterday we received our ASC appointment letter for our biometrics.  Problem was, our appointment date was a Friday in April in which I already had two IEP meetings scheduled.

So this morning, we dropped the girls off at school and headed downtown, hoping that what other's had said was true, that you could walk into the USCIS office and get your fingerprints done.    I walked up to the desk and talked politely to the lady behind the counter and she said ti was no problem to have our fingerprints done today!  YEA!

We are one small, baby step closer to having things done.  Now it's time to get a roll on those dossier documents--times 2.  Since we are requesting two children who are unrelated, we have to basically do two separate dossiers.  Twice the paperwork, twice the cost, but in the end, worth every penny!

My doctor's appointment is scheduled.  (I've been holding out on this one.  Anyone who knows me knows there was no way I was taking a chance of having blood drawn twice!!)  All that is left to do is fill out papers, notarize, county notarize, apostille at the state level, and mail that hefty pile of stamped papers off to Eastern Europe.  I'm praying travel this summer is still an option!!

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